RBI Baseball ’14

When I was a child, I had a Sega Genesis.  All my other friends has Nintendos.  I eventually sold it to get a Nintendo.  It just had better games.  Or at least, games that were more accessible via my local video store.  This was at a time when local mom and pop video stores rented video games.  Before Blockbuster.  Before Hollywood Video.  I know.  Forever ago.  I used to ride my bike down and look at the dozens of Nintendo games for rent and the five genesis games for rent.  It was awful.  So, I convinced my dad I had to have a Nintendo like everyone else.  And when I did get it, one of the first games I got was RBI Baseball.

I’ve always preferred sports games to other games.  There are exceptions.  Mario, Smash TV and a bunch of others.  But my friends and I always have played sports games.  Baseball games were big with my friend Chris and me.  Depending on who’s house you were at would depend on which game you played.  He had Bases Loaded.  I had RBI Baseball.  (There was no debate on football.  We both had Tecmo Bowl.  Everyone had Tecmo Bowl).

When I played the game into college, I would play as my beloved Oakland A’s.  I actually kept stats manually so I could see how they did at the end of the season.  Yup, I am just that cool.  I was stoked beyond belief when I heard they were bringing back RBI Baseball.  Just like I was last year when DuckTales was brought back.  I bought that too!!  Well, I went over to Amazon to pick up my copy and it was no where to be found.  “What the hell,” I said to myself.  Did a little research, turns out, the game is only available through the game console!  That’s crazy!

Am I the only person who still likes having the actual game?!  I still buy DVDs and Blu Ray discs.  I don’t just download digital copies of movies.  Am I completely out of touch with the rest of the world?  Have I become my father so soon!?  This really snuck up on me!  I will eventually get my copy when I stop being so lazy and actually turn on my PS3 again.  It’s been a while.  There are a few games I’d like to get along with it.  That are actually sold with a disc and case and everything!  I hear some good things about last years Tomb Raider.


DuckTales (Remastered)

Life is like a hurricane!!  In no way do I consider myself a gamer.  I love video games, but my library is pretty limited to mostly sports games.  I’ll play any sports game.  Madden, FIFA, Tiger Woods, MLB, etc.  I love them all.  The good thing is, all my friends do as well.  But there is a special place in my heart for old video games as well.  I still have my NES, my Super NES, a Sega Genesis, Playstations 2 and 3, and a WII.  Over the years I’ve stupidly sold games, left them at friends houses, or lost them along the way but I’ve never forgotten what joy some of them have brought me.  And one of the all time best is DuckTales.

My favorite game ever is Pole Position.  I have always wanted an upright Pole Position game.  In a home console game, I love NBA Jam.  But for some reason, DuckTales always found a way into the rotation.

I was a child of the 1990’s, so maybe my love of the show just hooked me into the game.  In fact, I haven’t played in so long, I barely remember anything about the gameplay itself.  I just remember loving it.  So when Capcom revealed plans to bring it back to life, I was so excited!  Granted, I found out about this last week and they announced it in March apparently, so I was a bit behind the times, but still excited.

I was a bit worried that this would only be available on the new platforms coming out, out that had recently been released.  I have two young children, and have no intentions on buying the WII U, Xbox One, or PS4.  Luckily, I can get this on the Playstation 3 and will absolutely be doing so. It’s funny that I found out about this just this past week.  My oldest is two and a half and recently was really sick.  As a way to keep her on the couch and resting (and not touching her baby sister) I decided to show her my DuckTales DVDs.  Yeah, I have all the DVDs that are available.  She loved them!  Of course she did!  How can someone not love Ducktales?!!

Ok but seriously, why have the last 25 episodes not been released on DVD?  I have 75 episodes, but not the complete series.  This bothers me to no end.  If I love a series, I want the series.  Not part of the series.  I have season 1 of Ned and Stacey.  Season 2 is not available.  And don’t get me started on Two Guys and a Girl.  Where was I?  Oh right.

Thank you, Capcom.  Like EA Sports did when they re-released NBA Jam in 2010, and Next Level Games did when Punch-Out!! came back, a part of my childhood was reborn.  And I couldn’t possibly be happier.

Not pony tails or cotton tails, no

Duck Tales!  Woo ooo!