The worst story of the month

This is the worst thing I’ve read since the last worst thing I read.  It really goes to show what horrible horrible people there are in this world.  However, maybe I’m just out of touch and have no idea what goes on in the real world these days.

So basically, a couple got married.  The former boss of one of happy couple attended and brought, as a gift, a gift basket of assorted pastas and high end goodies.  A very nice gesture from someone who clearly is no more than an acquaintance.  This half of the couple emailed her former boss and said she was allergic to gluten and needed the receipt to return the gift.  A little shady, but not the end of the world in my book.

Here’s where it gets fun, and where these people become completely deplorable.  This woman’s better half emails this guy and says that no one brings gifts anymore.  It is expected that people not only just bring cash to a wedding, but you bring enough to pay for your own food.  WHAT?!?

Okay, so lets say for arguments sake that this is proper etiquette.  Maybe this guest is like me and is completely clueless as to the new ways of weddings.  It is completely rude and disgusting of these newlyweds to attack a guest this way.  He was invited to your wedding.  If you cannot afford to pay for your guests to eat at your wedding, maybe you should have a smaller wedding.

I admit, I have been married for a very long time.  Sometimes, it seems like an eternity.  And as each year passes, I go to fewer and fewer weddings.  But I have always brought a gift, and I have never been expected to pay for my own food.  It makes me glad that I don’t have to go to a lot of weddings in the future.  I wouldn’t have any idea what I’m supposed to do.  Although I guess any weddings I go to would be for people who aren’t some of the worst people on the planet.

Maybe I’m wrong?  Is this the way weddings are going now?  Let me know.  But there’d better be a damn good argument for treating someone this way who was a guest at your wedding.

Another reason to hate the 1 percent

I came across this article today, and was completely disgusted.  If you don’t want to read the whole thing, the gist is, rich people pay the disabled to go with them to Disneyland and Disney World for the sole purpose of cutting lines.

Granted, I hate most people in general.  And I detest when people think the rules don’t apply to them.  It doesn’t matter what the rule is.  I’m a good boy.  A law abiding citizen.  And this makes me want to punch these people right in the face.

What I didn’t realize is, you can pay for a VIP tour through the park and get onto rides with little to no wait.  Could these jackasses afford this service?  Of course they could!!  But this “service” that they have is cheaper than the tours provided.  So somehow, they are cheap while spending their ill-gotten gains on what should be a fun family vacation.

Look, I get that they have more money than the rest of us, and they can afford to buy things most people cannot.  But how dare they think they are better than me and they can circumvent the lines.  It’s a wonderful lesson you are teaching to your children.  And that’s the part that gets to me the most.  They don’t even feel the slightest bit bad about it.

The best part about these people is that eventually they die off.  But when they teach their children to behave the same way, and behave like this, it continues the vicious cycle.  I guess I have to get used to the fact that there will always be a 1 percent, they will always be horrible people, and they can’t die soon enough.

I am often amazed by the stupidity and arrogance of people in this country.  Sometimes it’s funny, but most of the time, it’s just pathetic.  How people like this can justify how they live like this is detestable.  I try to live as a good person and not judge people for what they do, or how they choose to live their lives, but these families will hopefully get judged by everyone they know and be outcast in their communities and schools.  Although knowing what I know about the world we live in, I’m sure more people are going to try to do this in the future, and that makes me sad.