Ronda Rousey

HO-LY SH*T!!  HO-LY SH*T!!  I didn’t think there was any chance in hell that was gonna happen!  I was talking to a buddy of mine on Friday night and said I really wanted to get the fight but $50-$60 is too expensive for 30 seconds of seeing Ronda Rousey fight.  He said Holly Holm was a worthy fighter and it wouldn’t be like every other fight.  I don’t know a ton about MMA, but didn’t give it much thought. It’s f*cking Ronda Rousey. She’s the most dominant athlete on the planet. No one beats her. No one comes close!  But he was right!  And I’m so pissed that we didn’t get it.  The video is widely available on youtube now, but there’s just nothing like the immediacy of seeing it live.  That “what the hell just happened” moment of it all.  The morning after, I still can’t believe it happened.

Some people are calling it the biggest upset in UFC history. Again, I don’t know enough about MMA to agree or disagree with that. But, I saw a claim that it was the biggest upset in fight history. THAT is a ridiculous claim. This is not Douglas/Tyson or my favorite upset ever, when Lennox Lewis lost to Hasim Rahman.  Lewis was Floyd Mayweather before Mayweather. A completely overrated fighter who ran his mouth too much, played defense the entire time and was afraid to actually fight. Lennox Lewis is my least favorite heavyweight ever. The exact opposite of Tyson. Mayweather my least favorite fighter ever, overall. But that’s partly because he’s such a chicken sh*t in the ring, and mostly because he’s such a dispicable person.  The Golden Boy, Oscar De La Hoya wrote an awesome article about Mayweather this week.

Back to Rousey, obviously, there will be a rematch. When, I have no idea. But you can bet your sweet ass I will be paying for that one.  That is must see PPV.

Mayweather vs. Maidana

This weekend is another big weekend in the world of boxing.  Well, big for today’s world.  I am old enough to remember when boxing was an actual big deal.  I miss heavyweight championship boxing.  I never got to see any of the big fights, but I couldn’t wait to see SportsCenter after it was over to see who won.  Floyd Mayweather vs. Marcos Maidana.  How badly do I want Maidana to win?  Real bad.

I was in 5th grade when Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson.  I remember that like it was yesterday.  The next Monday in class, it was all my teacher wanted to talk to us about.  I have a box of childhood memories in the garage.  The sports page from that fight is in there.  Last summer, my air conditioner went out.  It was awesome.  (Insert sarcasm here.)  However, my wife took our daughters to her grandmothers house for the day and what was on TV?  Tyson’s greatest fights.  He really was the baddest man on the planet.  I could watch those old fights over and over again.  Even though they only ever lasted 1-2 rounds.

My dad and I went to Reno in 2001 for Lennox Lewis vs. Hasim Rahman.  We watched the first couple rounds, but Rahman was such an underdog, and I was… 22ish, I didn’t want to spend the time watching a completely worthless title fight.  When I went back to find out in which round Lewis knocked out Rahman, I was shocked.  Rahman pulled the upset.  And good for him.  Lewis was a garbage champion and the start of the downfall of the heavyweight division for me.  I hate Lennox Lewis.  I don’t know if I’ve ever been happier in a fight.  He never actually fought anyone!  He would dance around the ring and then through one punch in 12 rounds!  Yes, I know it worked out for him, but he wasso afraid to actually fight.

Maybe the only fighter I hate more is Floyd Mayweather.  He is such a gutless coward.  He will fight anyone!  Anyone not named Manny Pacquiao.  At least, not when Pacquiao would have kicked his teeth in.  And he would have.  Pretty easily in my opinion.  I think he knows it to.  That’s why he ducked him for so long.

I know MMA has taken over as the premier fighting sport in this country.  And I get it.  When it’s good it’s great.  I’ve gone to a few bars to see fights.  When it’s slow, I really don’t understand it.  But I can see why people say the same thing about boxing.  I won’t be watching again this weekend.  But I will be rooting HARD against Mayweather.  I hope Maidana gives him the ass kicking his deserves.  But Mayweather probably wins.  Somehow he always does.  Chicken shit.