I heard this morning that Hasbro was going to get rid of the Jail square on the Monopoly board game, and was really pissed off.  The reason they are doing this, they say, is to speed up gameplay due to the shorter attention spans of todays youth.  They have since come out and said that they are NOT removing the jail square, which I guess is good thing.  But I think they are really missing the point.  If the sales of the board game are down, it’s not because of the shorter attention spans of people, it’s because there are so many better board games to be playing!

I am a huge fan of board games.  I have been ever since I was a child.  My parents always made my sister and me play board games with them as family time when we were growing up.  Now, one of my best friends and his wife love to come over and play board games.

There is a long list of board games that come out every year that are so interesting, that I am dying to try them.  Unfortunately, I really don’t have time any longer.  But, there are endless places to find new games.  And Monopoly is falling behind.  They keep trying to update their game with city editions, sports editions, and even electronic editions.  But they cannot compete with the newer games.

Right now, the game I am addicted to the most is Ticket To Ride.  It’s a blast, and I just taught it to three of my friends this past weekend, so the virus is spreading.  We also have the Europe version, and want to get Germany and the Nordic versions.

I am still trying to figure out Settlers of Catan.  I’ve been dying to play, and finally was able to about a month ago.  Unfortunately, I’m a dumb dumb and learned how to play while drinking.  Not the best way to learn what is a fairly complicated game.

My buddy Greg is supposed to bring over Puerto Rico next weekend so we can figure that one out, but as one of my favorite Simpsons quotes goes… “Sounds like someone’s got a case of the sposdas.”  (Really only funny to me, my buddy Fez and anyone who loves The Simpsons.)

This is just a small sampling of what I’m talking about.  There are board game conventions, and awards for best new game that make trying new games so exciting.  Games from a jillion years ago like Monopoly are becoming obsolete.  I do agree that attention spans are getting shorter.  With so many options for how to spend ones time, a board game that takes forever isn’t a great idea.  Shorter games that I love like Wits and Wagers, Cards against Humanity, and the always amazing while drinking Pictionary are always going to take priority.

I understand the worry the people at Hasbro have.  Monopoly has always been a very popular game with a huge name recognition.  But I think they have bigger problems than attention spans and the go to jail spot on the board.  They need to concern themselves with people simply making better games.