About Eric

The Wizard

I was born and raised in Northern California.  I love all sports.  I am a sucker for big budget summer blockbuster movies.  These are my beliefs:

1. Walt Williams is my favorite basketball player ever. There is no second favorite player.

2. The best season of The Simpsons is season 8.  The Best episode is “Bart After Dark.”

3. The best sports teams on Earth are the Oakland A’s, Oakland Raiders, Sacramento Kings and San Jose Sharks.

4. The top sports movies are:

  1. Baseball – Major League
  2. Football – Varsity Blues (Last Boy Scout is also acceptable)
  3. Basketball – Blue Chips
  4. Hockey – Miracle
  5. Golf – Tin Cup
  6. Figure Skating – Blades of Glory

5. Jessica Biel is THE Jessica.  Don’t talk to me about Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Rabbit, baby Jessica (She’s in her mid 20’s now, so it’s not weird or creepy), or any other Jessica you can think of.  Jessica Biel.

6. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones rule all.  Okay they are tied with Gary Allan for ruling all.

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