Rouge One

So not a lot has happened here in the last month.  Same same everyday.  There hasn’t been much to write about for me.  I was going to write about the new Powerpuff Girls series.  Which I am thrilled about by the way.  I love The Powerpuff Girls.  Loved them when they were on in the late 90s, love ’em now.  But what is there to say?  I am pissed that they didn’t use the original voice actresses.  And so far, they seem more grown up than I remember.  But that’s about it.  Other than that, I really dig it.  I made my daughters watch it.  They are 3 and 5 so maybe it’s not quite appropriate for them, but they love it to.  They have given up on their other favorite shows, and only want to watch The Powerpuff Girls.  So, points for dad.

Today was the release of the Rogue One trailer, though.  It was pretty good.  But it didn’t excite me the way Episode VII did.  Or the way I am excited for Episode VIII.  Here is the conversation Phil and I had about it earlier today:

Phil: So…thoughts on the Rogue One trailer?

Eric: I mean. Its still a star wars movie I GUESS. It might be nice to see a story that’s not involved directly with the main characters and it looks good. But after a couple viewings, its fine. You?

Phil: Yeah. It looked ok. Kinda like the concept for the story, and it’s a big universe; there are plenty more stories to tell besides ones involving people names Skywalker or Solo.  The dialogue was kinda lame tho. “This is a rebellion, right? I rebel.” Eye roll

Eric: Hahahaha well they gotta let u know its star wars!!

Phil: Star Wars does = cheesy dialogue.  We’ll see. I like the idea of a standalone sw film, so hopefully they get it right

Eric: I think it’ll grow on me.  I watched star wars rebels for a season and a half (i know that’s not a movie) and that got old so we will see.

Phil: Disney is gonna smother us in Star Wars stuff till we die. Get ready for it. The Saturation Awakens.

Eric: Seriously.  That’s what I’m afraid of more than anything.  The thought that i had was: am i gonna buy this?  Am i gonna need a whole separate cabinet just for star wars DVDs that are coming out?!

Phil: You already know the answer: yes and yes

Eric: Maybe not!!  U don’t know!!  Man people r pissed its a woman lead.

Phil: Yeah, I don’t get the rage

Eric: I don’t either. I thought Daisy Ridley was awesome.

Phil: Misplaced anger at SJWs. Backlash from the Hunger Games, Divergent movies. Who knows.

End of conversation.  Phil had to go back to work, or a soccer game, or whatever he does in the middle of the day.  I was grocery shopping for those who are curious.  The rage at another female lead confuses me.  Who cares if it’s a woman or a male main character?  I guess it’s just guys who can’t handle strong female characters?  I’ve never gone into a movie and thought “you know what this movie needs?  More dudes.”  But whatever.  There are plenty of things in the next 9 months to nit pick about with this new movie.  THAT won’t be anything I care about.  Good to see Mon Mothma back in the universe though!!


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