Living in Sacramento is a unique experience.  It’s very much a college atmosphere when it comes to our Kings.  Even though the greater Sacramento area is spread out over many miles, everyone loves the Kings.  So when one of our former beloved players was announced as a member of this seasons cast of Survivor, I was super excited!  And on top of it, that player was Scot Pollard.  The biggest oddball to ever play in Arco.  I still call it Arco.  Maybe Mad Max, but Scot is up there.

I have never seen an episode of Survivor.  I didn’t realize there have been like 30 seasons of the show.  But I haven’t seen any of them.  Tell me there’s gonna be a King on it though, and I am so in.  So I settle in, and… well, I cannot believe this show has been on the air so long.  NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!!  Five minutes into the first episode they are planning alliances.  How?!  You don’t even know these people!   I’m sure it wasn’t five minutes for them, probably a full day.  But still.  How the hell can you make judgements like that so quickly?

I sat through that entire episode.  It was dreadful.  Luckily Scot made it through.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted Scot to win, or get eliminated so I could stop watching.  Episode two was even worse.  I started fast forwarding.  Once the challenge was over, I fast forwarded to see who was eliminated.  The challenge was over at minute 36 of the show.  THE LAST 24 MINUTES OF THE SHOW WERE TALKING AROUND A CAMPFIRE!!  I skipped it all and felt like I missed nothing.

My buddy Nez came over a few nights later to watch the Kings get their a**es handed to them yet again, and I told him I started watching.  He is a huge fan.  He thought I was going to say I loved it and was going to go back and watch the other seasons.  He couldn’t believe how much I hate this show.  I only watch one reality show, The Amazing Race (more on that trainwreck next week, I think).  After seeing this, there is no reason to watch any others.

This week was episode three.  I deleted the recording.  I just can’t do it.  I’ll ask my buddy after it’s over who won.  Although I won’t know who it is, unless it’s Pollard.  I just looked to see who was eliminated this week, and I have no idea who that person is.  And I’m not sad about that at all.


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