The Pizza Place

Okay. Deep breaths. I need to sit down. I have so much to do today. Can’t concentrate. I might pass out.

Getting dressed this morning, I decided to throw on my Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place t-shirt. It’s one of my favorites. But it always reminds me of how sad I am that it’ll never be on DVD (just like season 2 of Ned and Stacey).  


My shirt

Ick, that’s the lumpiest selfie ever.  I should have taken the picture of the shirt in the closet.

I mentioned in my Deadpool post how I have every episode of Two Guys recorded on VHS in a box in my garage. It’s hard to imagine when I would ever break those out and watch them. But there was no way in hell I was getting rid of them.

Then this morning happened. The bright light of justice shone down on me in the form of an email. An email from an angel named Mike. Okay he’s not so much an angel as this guy I know with questionable hygiene and an enormous head.  Like seriously big.  He sends me this email with a link.  Alright, let’s check this out, what could it be?

I nearly fainted.  I am not the type of guy who cares about stuff.  I don’t need things.  The occasional CD, my dumb t-shirts, I’m good.  But this I need.  I NEED IT.  It completes me.


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