Here comes the money!

I rarely write about professional wrestling.  For a couple of different reasons.  First of all, it matters to such a small part of the population that I don’t know who would want to read about it.  And second, I have become so disappointed with what has happened in storylines in the past six months in WWE that I only watch about 1/3 of the Monday Night Raws anymore.  Mostly I just read the recaps the next day, and if something exciting happens, I will watch.  Otherwise, it’s a straight delete.

But this week.  This week was one of the most amazing weeks I have seen in years.  It was the return of the prodigal son.  The greatest non-wrestler wrestler ever.  Shane McMahon came home.  If you don’t believe it was a big deal, just listen to the crowd reaction.  THAT is the sound of a roof blowing off a building.  That was the reaction of everyone watching.  The face that Stephanie makes is the same face that everyone made when they heard the entrance music.  It was the biggest return in probably… 10 years?  In today’s wrestling world, there is no rumor that doesn’t slip through.  Every surprise, every big signing is known before they show up on screen.  Shane has been gone for 7-8 years.  And no where I have read, did anyone see this coming.

For me, he has the second greatest finishing maneuver in history, after Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Austin has the Stunner, and Shane -O-Mac has the Coast to Coast.  It’s basically just as simple as it sounds.  He jumps from one turnbuckle to the other.  It always ends with a garbage can to the face!

Even though he was the bosses son, he always felt like one of us.  A regular guy among giants.  Willing to take beatings for our entertainment.  And wow, did he take some beatings.  There is a rumor that WWE is releasing a Shane McMahon DVD later this year, and you can bet your ass that I will be getting that.  As a wrestler, he wouldn’t make my top five all-time.  As an on screen performer, I find it hard to think of five people I love seeing more.

And if you still don’t understand why the people love Shane McMahon so much, well maybe you need a Leap of Faith:



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