If I’ve said it once…

…I’ve said it 1,000 times. Ryan Reynolds can do no wrong. He is great in everything. I am the person who bought the Green Lantern movie.  And there’s a stack of VHS tapes that have the entire series of Two Guys and a Girl on them.  Who doesn’t love that show?  Well apparently everyone except me.  They STILL haven’t put it on DVD.  But it has Ryan Reynolds AND Nathan Fillion!!  I mean seriously.  The good news is, Reynolds would do a reunion show.  Even though it’ll never happen.


Me all by myself

This past weekend I spent an evening watching the latest Ryan Reynolds masterpiece, Deadpool. In fact, I was so excited to see it, I had to get there early to get in line.  I got there so early in fact, I was first in line!  By about 15 minutes.  Totally worth it!  I thought maybe they were letting people in so I walked into the theater. Nope still full of people from the previous showing.

Ryan plays Wade Wilson. A former military man who now works as a low level enforcer who enjoys booze, hookers, and foul language. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, he undergoes a procedure to attempt to remedy his fate. After the serum takes effect and his mutation is complete, he takes on the mantra of Deadpool and swears to find the man who scarred his body to seek his revenge.  During this time, Francis, played by Ed Skrein, finds out who is the “Merc with a Mouth” and kidnaps his fiancee, Vanessa.

Ah, Vanessa.  I didn’t know that Morena Baccarin was in this movie.  It was another great surprise on top of a hundred great surprises in this film.  I will admit, that I do not know her entire filmography.  But she was brilliant.  It was nice to see her play a character so different than what I am use to.  My familiarity with Morena is strictly from Firefly.  Which also has Nathan Fillion.  Yes, everything relates to Firefly.  It’s that good.  Here, she is the hooker Wilson falls in love with.  In Firefly she is…a companion.  Okay so that sounds like a hooker but it’s totally different.  She is so sophisticated and appalled at the thought of being called anything less.  So yes, it’s different.

My favorite superhero movie ever is Batman Begins.  I may have to rethink that.  This movie is so damn good.  Okay, I thought about it.  It’s not better than Batman Begins.  But it’s better than any movie that Marvel or DC has put out in the past couple years.  I do enjoy seeing justice done to my villains, and seeing them put behind bars.  But sometimes I just want to see their heads explode.  Sometimes I want my heroes to have chiseled jaw lines and billions of dollars, then there are times like this where I want them hanging out in dive bars and have a face that looks like my marshmallows when I make s’mores.  And I want to see a movie that cannot possibly be played on regular cable because half the language will be changed.  I’m a very simple man.  It’s foul, it’s violent and I cannot possibly oversell how good this is.

Reynolds has been trying to get this movie made for years. It is much different than the movies Marvel has put out so far in their Universe.  And both the time put into the film, and the hard R it is rated were well worth it.  For me, the most important thing was that it was R rated.  The movie didn’t try to conform to the superhero playbook and go PG-13, which it easily could have.  And it would have been ruined.  That trust has been greatly rewarded, as it is the highest grossing R rated movie ever.  EVER.  Deadpool had a budget of $60 million.  Last I checked, it was up to $260 million worldwide.  That’s a nice return on their investment.  Will Marvel or DC look at this and go the way of the R rated superhero movie again?  Maybe.  But probably not.  They know what works, and what is going to get them to the billions and it’s PG-13.  But it’s great to know that R rated movies, when done well can bring in big box office numbers.  It would be nice to see movies go back to R ratings.  I have been screaming about PG-13 horror movies for years and how terrible they are.  Now, I understand that horror and superhero movies are completely different and will never bring in the same money, but make a damn good movie and people will see it!  It’s not that freaking hard!!  Thank you Ryan, and thank you Deadpool.  THIS is the movie we all deserved!!  Now don’t f**k up Deadpool 2.


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