The Force Awakens

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!  It’s finally here!  It’s Star Wars week!  I don’t know what to do with myself!!  There are five days until the movie opens. Luckily for me, I have six Star Wars t-shirts.  Oh!  And one sweatshirt!  The dilemma is deciding which shirt to wear on which day. IMG_3424[1]


The bigger problem is which day am I going to see the movie?  There are showtimes on Thursday, but they’re all sold out. There are tickets available all throughout the weekend, but of course that’s the weekend we are moving. Stupid wife picked stupid Star Wars weekend to move!!  I’m gonna be soooo tired to see it on the weekend. But if I wait, it’ll be at least Tuesday. And Tuesday is cheap movie day at the theaters here.  Everywhere is super packed. So it makes more sense to wait another day and see it Wednesday. WEDNESDAY?!?!  I CAN’T WAIT TILL WEDNESDAY!  That’d be like telling my daughters that Santa came but we are waiting a week to open the presents.  IMG_3425[1]

Presents!!  Aw damn it!!  Looks at calendar… okay so if I don’t see it Wednesday, Thursday is Christmas Eve. So those next two days are out. Holy crap, the more I think about this the worse it gets.  How the hell am I going to make this work?

IMG_3427[1] IMG_3428[1]

Update: There is a theater near by that sells reserved seats. The wife liked this idea because we wouldn’t have to stand in line for hours. But it’s way more expensive.  She doesn’t want to stand in line because I’m supposed to be moving boxes all weekend and standing in line AND the movie takes up a lot of the day. So while I was in the process of grabbing these way overpriced tickets, someone snaked them from me!!  What a butthole.


Update 2: Okay tickets purchased!  S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y!  Night!  (Bay City Rollers?  So I Married An Axe Murderer?  Geezus you all are young).  But yes, Saturday the 19th at 8pm I will be seeing The Force Awakens.  Just gotta decide what time I want to go get in line. Day 2, at night, gonna be a big line.  Not like I care.  If I’m at home, I’m just gonna be standing around waiting to go.  I might as well be standing in line.  Okay so that’s my plan.  I invited Phil, but he wanted to go with his brother closer to his house.  Pfft.  What a jerk.

Update 3: I started watching the whole saga again in preparation for the new movie. I decided to watch it in The Machete Order. I’ve never done this before. Very excited to see how I feel about it without Episode I.

Update 4:  Yeah, Yeah I know.  There are tons of updates to this post.  Screw off, this is my post.  I got an early Christmas present!!  A SEVENTH Star Wars t-shirt!  Now I have one every day of the week!  Yay!



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