Mad Max Fury Road

A real conversation I had with my dad about Mad Max Fury Road.

Me: Have you seen Mad Max?  I just got it on Netflix.

Dad: Ppffttt. Yeah I saw it.

Me:  What?  No good?

Dad:  Sure!  If you like watching people chase each other in cars for two hours!

Me: That sounds amazing actually.

Apparently my dad isn’t a fan of post-apocolyptic movies because this one was cool as hell. Tom Hardy takes over the role of Max that had previously been played by Mel Gibson.  In this fourth installment of the Mad Max franchise, civilization become a wasteland, and people have to beg for drops of water. Max is captured for his blood, but is able to escape.

Charlize Theron is Furiosa, a one armed bandit (no she’s not a slot machine…. Crickets.. I thought that was funny) who is sent on the war rig to get gasoline. She goes off course to take breeders, the five wives of the immortal leader of The Citadel, Joe, to The Green Place. A new home for them where they will be safe and out of reach of his tyrranical rule.

Max and Furiosa, skeptical of each other at first, and pulling guns on the other, realize they both want the same thing; freedom from Joe. When they realize they can only get from working together, they join forces for, you guessed it, one final chase scene that ends up on the doorstep of The Citadel.

My dad was right about the plot. 90% of it is chase scenes.  But those scenes are amazing. Explosions, crashes, everything you could possibly want or expect from this movie.  There’s no character development. How did Furiosa lose her arm?  Who knows. Okay maybe we do know and I missed it. There’s not even a whole lot of dialog. Mostly just action and blowing sh*t up.  How anyone could find this unappealing, I’ll never understand. But my dad’s old and cranky.  He probably just needed his nap. Actually, that sounds good, I want a nap.


One response to “Mad Max Fury Road

  1. First, putting Mad Max in the movie title was misleading, cuz he’s hardly the star of this show. Second, this movie wasn’t very good. Even high-octane action movies need some semblance of a plot, and there was none to be found here. They literally drove somewhere for three-fourths of the movie, only to turn around and go back, because Furiosa left the stove on, or something. It’s the literal definition of a story that goes nowhere. Sorry, guess I’m old and cranky. George Miller makes stuff blow up pretty, though.

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