Happy Birthday!

To me. So this was my birthday weekend. I hate it. Let me clarify. I love celebrating my birthday. Friends getting together, having a great time, telling jokes and stories. There’s is literally nothing I love more than when I know I’m gonna see my group of friends. But I hate the fact that I am getting older. Closing in on the first number of my age being a 4. I’m not there yet, but I’m closer to 40 than I am 30.

So when my wife and I started saving for our first house, we made a rule that we could no longer spend frivolously. Not that we did it a lot, we simply don’t care to buy things.  We try to stay behind the curve technologically to save as much money as possible, also we just don’t care, and if you follow this blog at all, you’ve seen the way I dress. So you know I don’t spend any sort of money on clothes.

The other reason for this, is so we have plenty of things on our wish lists for birthdays and Christmas.  She gets mad at me every year because the only things on my list are a few CDs and more of my dumb T-shirts. Yeah, there were another dozen that I found this year.  I’m not fancy. I like my dumb shirts.  This year I got this one, this one, and it wouldn’t be my birthday if I didn’t get something Harley related.

The only problem with this is that my birthday is less than a month until Christmas. It’d be great if it was around June. Then I’d be able to get a CD twice a year instead of having to wait to get all my music in a one month period. But now that we are here, I can finally tell you how excited I was to get my hands on Kacey Musgraves Pagent Material.

Kacey’s previous album, Same Trailer Different Park is probably my favorite album of the last… 10 years?  But I fully recognize that I have reached old man get off my lawn status when it comes to popular music. I think most of it sucks.  The only problem was there was no way her new album could be anywhere near as good as her previous. And it isn’t. But when you’re comparing a CD I’ve listened to a bajillion times to one I’ve now listened to three times, it’s not a fair comparison.

Pagent Material started out with Biscuits as it’s first single, and Family is Family as the second.  Which are very similar to her singles from the first album, which is fine with me. I love them. Biscuits is the favorite song of both my daughters.  They can’t get enough of it.  Especially the video.  They love seeing Kacey dance around.  But Kacey might have been labeled a one trick pony. Her album cuts are where she becomes amazing. Dime Store Cowgirl is the best song on the CD. It’s very auto biographical. And so well written. While I think it’s the best, it’s not my favorite. That distinction goes to Someone to Love.  The song is so stripped down, and beautiful it gets to me everytime I listen to it.  It is absolutely top 3 Kacey songs for me already. Bold claim, but I do that. Like yesterday at my birthday party when I told my friend Mike that Melrose Place was a top 10 show all time. Which it is.  There’s a line in the song that says “We’re all fightin’ with our mirrors scared we’ll never find somebody to love.”  I have never been good at understanding song lyrics, but I understand it as people are constantly hoping that one day they will love who they see looking back at them in the mirror.  And if you’ve read previous posts I’ve written on the subject, you know that’s an issue I have had all my life.  I am constantly hoping that today is the day I will be happy with myself and finally love me.  So it’s a personal line for me in a really beautiful song.

I really think everyone should listen to Kacey Musgraves.  She’s incredibly talented as both a singer and songwriter. Although my sister disagrees about the singer part. I had to wait months to get my hands on this CD, and after only a handful of listens, the one thing I know is that it was absolutely worth the wait.  Now if someone in my family will just buy me some Sunny Sweeney, all will right this holiday season!


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