The Peanuts Movie

I know, right?  It doesn’t seem like the type of movie that we usually review around here. But I took my two daughters to see The Peanuts Movie on Wednesday afternoon last week because, well, I’m a pretty kick ass dad.  Speaking of things that kick ass.. this movie. I’m serious.

I’ve always been a big Peanuts fan. I don’t really give a damn about Christmas decorations, but I made my wife buy these Peanuts decorations that play like five different songs because I thought they were so cool. Out of our bajillion Christmas decorations, that’s my one. Oh, and the Tinkerbell tree topper is mine too. What?  Tinkerbell is awesome, get off me.

Like anything from my childhood that rocks and gets remade, I expected this to suck big time. But much to my delight, it did not. Half the movie is dedicated to Charlie Brown and his attempts to talk to the new student in school, the little red haired girl. And the other half is about Snoopy fighting the Red Baron.  Personally, I liked the Snoopy parts more, but that’s just me. My wife had to take our youngest to the bathroom and missed a bunch. Afterwards she asked what she missed and I told her mostly Red Baron stuff and she said she didn’t care about that.

If you’re a fan of the old Peanuts, this hit all the checkmarks. At least it did for me. A total walk down memory lane. Maybe too much?  I guess it could be said it was a bit paint-by-numbers, but it didn’t bother me in the slightest. I wanted to see some nostalgia.  It was a good way to introduce all the old characters and storylines to a new generation, with new animation.

My oldest daughter loves Snoopy, and couldn’t have loved this any more. So just for that, they get an A in my book. And they kept my attention the whole time too. It was a great movie for the whole family. Except for those with children like my youngest, who refuses to sit still for more than two seconds unless she’s sleeping or watching Sofia. Otherwise, she’s got places to be.


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