New Japanese Market Trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens Hits the Internet


So I was getting settled in to my Friday morning; sipping on some coffee, perusing news sites, and generally getting warmed up for the work day. That’s when I saw it. Disney just released a new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the Japanese market, and it has quite a bit of new footage that wasn’t in the full-length trailer they released back in October. Take a gander:

So this trailer gives us one or two new shots of Rey on the desert planet, Jakku, that we’ve seen so much of in other promotional videos, but we’re treated to some new voice over dialogue that tells us that she’s “waiting…for her family.” Who could her family be…?

We also see Kylo Ren again having a heart-to-heart with Vader’s busted-up helmet, telling it that he will “fulfill our destiny.” Now, I’ve never been a “Luke = Kylo Ren Truther”, but the “our destiny” part certainly suggests that there is some kind of shared heritage between Kylo and Vader, if nowhere else than in his mind.

The trailer has some other new shots of Leia in a command center, Kylo threatening Rey with his lightsaber, Chewie detonating something, and the trailer ends with Leia’s voice over saying, “Hope is not lost today, it is found.”

In general, I love this trailer, and maybe a little more than the one we got last month. There are some beautiful shots here; including the opening wide angle scene of Rey standing in front of the engine of the downed star destroyer, the TIE fighters in the setting sun, and the camera shot from the side of the X-Wing as it swoops through the clouds. The trailer has an overall subdued tone that suggests we’re not going to get a happy ending with a medal ceremony for our heroes (new or old).

But I keep coming back to that last line spoken by Leia: “Hope is not lost today, it is found.” This statement not only adds to the sense that this movie will be on the darker side, but I think it also hints at the larger plot for The Force Awakens. Much has been made about Luke Skywalker’s absence from all the promotional media we’ve seen. One theory for this is that the movie’s major plot line will be about the search for Luke, as he’s gone into hiding or seclusion, and I think the last line of dialogue in this new trailer supports this theory. Fans of the Star Wars franchise know that when George Lucas re-released Star Wars it came with the new moniker of Episode IV: A New Hope. Luke was that new hope. And now Leia is telling us that hope has been found.


December 18 can’t get here soon enough!


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