October 21, 2015

It’s here!  It’s finally here!  It’s been 30 years since Back to the Future was released. And 10/21/2015 is the date that Marty and Doc go forward to in Back to the Future Part 2.  Well, Since BTTF is my favorite movie ever, what better way to spend my night than watching the entire trilogy on the big screen!  Isn’t it crazy that we are as far away from the first movie as Marty was from when we went into the past?  (1985-2015, 1955-1985).  For some reason I find that incredible.

I’ve never seen any of the films in the theater.  The first movie I remember seeing in the theater was Major League. I was 11, so I’m sure there were movies before that. But this is the first one I remember.

About a week ago, I saw tickets go on sale for the movie so I popped over to the local theater to get mine. The conversation between me and the lady selling tickets went like this:


Me: “One for BTTF on the 21st.”

Her: “They remade that?!  We are showing it?!”

Me: “No.. (Explains what’s going on).”

Her: “Oh you’ll see me there!”

Me: “I hope so!”

Because what’s better than enjoying a great movie when the theater is full?  Tell everyone!!

So, I’m meeting my wife at the theater, trading cars so she can bring the girls home and feed them (even though our oldest daughter stops whatever she is doing to watch BTTF everytime it’s on TV now), and I will be watching all three movies!  I tried to bring my niece, but she has class at 6:30 tomorrow morning. What college has class at 6:30?!?  Ridiculous.

Anyway, I’m gonna update this between films and post one long post with my thoughts and feelings.  If anyone needs me between 5-1130ish tonight, I’m unavailable.

4:20pm – Just got into the theater. There are 10ish people here before me.

My wife text me and asked how many people. I told her. She says: Good thing you got there so early, whew!!

Me: I thought there were more dorks like me!!

I think I got a solid seat. Middle of the upper level, right in the middle of the screen.  This is me taking a picture with the poster. As you can tell, the movies will start at 5, 7:15, and 9:30. Getting excited.


Also, if you are wondering on tonights t-shirt selection, I was hoping to wear this, but my birthday is next month and I wasn’t allowed to buy it yet. So I went with a shirt from Mystery Science Theater 3000. And if you know and like that show, we can absolutely be friends.

4:40pm – Super pissed!  I decided to go get popcorn and a soda cause I’m gonna be here a while. There’s no one to save my seat. So I’m second in line. The dad and his 2 sons in front of my ordered TEN items.  And half have to be cooked, but they don’t put them out of the way to let other people order.  So of course people are filing in and I’ve lost my seat. I left before I got popcorn. Gonna have to leave at some point. I’ll have to be creative on how to save my seat next time.

4:55pm – just saw my new favorite commercial.  Damn that is awesome.

5pm – Here we go!!  Shhh!  Leave me alone!  It’s starting!!

7pm – Great scott!  That was amazing. Not ashamed to admit that I cried when Marty’s parents kissed for the first time. I’m misty in all the right places. Seeing it on the big screen was the way to go!!  It’s a whole new experience.

7:10ish – Round 2!!  It’s today on screen!!!

8:52pm – Wow I barely made it through without tinkling in my shorts. I drink a lot of water during the day, leave me alone. Plus I had a large Coke. Yeah. Pepsi sucks.  There’s not much that I actively rant about. Coke vs. Pepsi is one of them.

It was pretty cool, when Doc Brown announces they’ve arrived in the future on Wednesday October 21, 2015, the whole audience cheered. That was a neat moment.

9pm – Part 3!  Last one!!  Most people have cleared out. People left during part 2. Why?  Leave before or after. What was the point of that?

11:10pm – Wow. That was so worth it.  I’m home now. I’ve looked forward to this day all year long.  When you look forward to something for that long, it’s hard to live up to your expectations. But that was incredible.

Of course, I went out the wrong door and ended up on the exact oposite side of the theater I needed to be on. And there were three movies, and I had four different seats. The one before part 1, and a different seat for each of the actual films. More and more people left after each movie so I kept moving closer to center.

It’s been a while since I pulled a triple feature. Like college probably. And it probably won’t happen again. I may be a huge doorknob, but that was a special night for me and something I won’t ever forget.

Your friend in time,



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