New shows

HOW HARD IS IT TO MAKE THE MUPPETS GREAT?!  Apparently hard as hell because the new Muppets is a pile of garbage. I had hoped to write about the new shows I had watched this week with glowing reviews. But geezus, this is unbelievably terrible.

The previews weren’t great. They weren’t even good.  But I had hopes that the obvious Office rip off would some how work. It didn’t. I was hoping to show it to my children, but there’s no way this is going to keep their interest.  It didn’t even keep my interest.

Parks and Rec tried to be Office-like, and season 1 was by far the worst season. After that, it found it’s own way and became one of the great American treasures of the recent past. The Muppets will have to go A LONG way to get there. I don’t see how it gets a 2nd season.

The other obvious rip off this year is Blindspot. It’s a combination of Memento, and the Bourne movies. And since both of those things are amazing, Blindspot works.

Jaimie Alexander is a Jane Doe who is found in a duffle bag in Times Square. She is covered in fresh tattoos with no memory of anything before waking in the bag.  Her ink helps the FBI solve crimes.   It is the first new show that I am legitimately excited to see. The premiere episode was pretty good and left lots of room for improvement, but I can’t wait to see where it goes, and who tattooed her and for what reason.

The second episode was on last night, and I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. Monday Night Football, and finishing up Sunday’s Once Upon a Time and all that. But after the first episode, this may already be a season pass type show.

Granted, I don’t have the best of luck with that. My early seal of approval is usually a death sentence. So watch it while it’s on, because it’s destined to go away really soon.

UPDATE!!!  Alright, since I am a dumb dumb and forgot to post this, I had time to watch the 2nd episode of Blindspot.  Rather than re-write the whole post, I just decided to add to it.  Seemed easier.  And I’m all about being lazy.  So now that I’ve seen it again, I don’t feel as strong about it as I did before.  They are moving way too fast.  The main FBI agent apparently had a young friend go missing as a child and he thinks our Jane Doe is her.  Um, no build up to that I guess.  “Hey remember that girl I knew 25 years ago that went missing that tragically changed my life forever that we’ve never mentioned because this is only our 2nd episode and could have been stretched out over the entire first season?  Yeah it’s totally Jane.”  Wow, okay.  We can talk about that.  Where did that come from?  It felt really forced.

I’m not expecting great things anymore.  It may have been first episode excitement.  I still like it.  But the way episode two went, I have a feeling its all downhill from here.  Which is fine, because Arrow starts next week, and all my time goes into Arrow.  Yeah, I know it’s only an hour a week, but trust me, I’m all about Arrow starting next week.


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