Now I’ve got your attention, don’t I?  Okay, bare with me.  Because this is going to sound ridiculous.  But, I’ve been known to make ridiculous claims before.  At our fantasy football draft, I stated that the perfect song of the 90’s was Stay by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories.  It’s great.  There isn’t one person who grew up in the 90’s who doesn’t know ALL the words to that song.  I remember going to the bay area with 3 other guys and the song came on.  We had just gotten off the freeway, and we rolled down all the windows and started singing as loud as we could.  It is an amazing song.  Phil tried to claim it was the Friends theme song.  False.  And I love Friends.  I used this song as the wedding party dance song at my wedding.  But how many people know the second verse to the song?  How many people even know there is a second verse?

Back to the ridiculous claim for today.  Over the summer, we watched the new Denis Leary show, Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.  Leary is a former front man for the band, The Heathens who broke up on the day their first and only album came out.  He has a drug and alcohol problem, and now, he has a daughter who he never knew about.  Elizabeth Gillies plays Gigi who has come to New York to find her father in hopes of making a name for herself a singer with his help.  But only as a songwriter.  As a bandmate, he’s a complete trainwreck.

I love anything with Denis Leary.  I was in 8th grade when No Cure for Cancer was released.  And I can vividly remember listening to it so much in high school that I could recite it line for line.  Rescue Me was a brilliant show that had a great run and I’m glad it was on as long as it was.  So this was a no brainer for me.  Then I found out it also had John Corbett.  I’m not as familiar with all of his work except for Lucky.  Which was so damn good, I can’t believe it was cancelled after only 13 episodes.  I will go to my grave saying that show was treated unfairly.  How dare you, FX.  How dare you.

The best part of the show is by far the music.  In fact, I bought the album online.  I love it so much, I think everyone should give it a listen, and consider buying it.  Part of the reason I love it so much is because I think they are really good songs.  Not the clips from the show, but the actual songs.  Better than a lot of what is put out today (That’s my get off my lawn moment for the day.  Yeah yeah, I’m old.  I get it).  And part of it, probably the bigger part is I am absolutely in love with Gillies voice.  I think she is incredible.  There are so few voices that I find distinguishable today and that can make me lose myself in a song.  She has one of those voices.

I’ve always said the two most amazing voices for me in all of music were Alison Krauss and Amy Lee.  I know, they couldn’t be any different of artists, but I would listen to them sing the phone book.  I can’t forget my favorite female singer, Kacey Musgraves.  She is a treasure to this world, and her songwriting is unmatched for me right now.  I’m not saying that Gillies is that level of a singer (my ridiculous claim isn’t THAT ridiculous), but she is very talented, and her voice is crazy amazing.

You may be thinking, it’s an album from a TV show on FXX.  How good can this possibly be?  F**KING GREAT, that’s how good it can be!!  She was the perfect person to sing these songs.  As good as I think she is as Gigi on the show, she KILLS as a vocalist.  Never in a million years would I have considered buying a song from a TV show like this, much less an album.  But after 10 episodes, I am a huge fan of Gillies and I think everyone should be as well.  Anyway, listen to this song, fall in love with Elizabeth Gillies and go watch more of her performances on YouTube.

And hey!  Good news!  The show was renewed for a second season today!!  Yay for me!!


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