The Martian

Okay so I was going to write a long post on how incredibly stupid the ending to American Ninja Warrior was, but instead I will just include it here. How can the last stage simply be a rope climb?  The thing I’ve been doing since I was 8 years old!!! Dumbest ending ever. And then of course ANW goes on to claim the guy who did it second is the first finisher. Uh revisionist history, eh? He finished faster. Not first. He was the first million dollar winner. Not the first finisher.

Okay so the movie The Martian comes out.. let’s see.. October 2.  Crap that’s two weeks!!  My two friends, Greg & Ryan have read the book. They always give me grief because they read more than I do. Well not this time, assfaces!!  I started The Martian two nights ago and I’m 25% of the way through. Since I’m reading it on my Kindle, I don’t know what page I’m on.  It goes by percentages.

I will be really excited to see how the movie compares to the book. There’s no way they can take much of anything from the first 5-6 chapters as it’s all the science on how Matt Damon’s character, Mark Watney, stays alive on Mars after he is abandoned by his crew. Spoiler alert if you didn’t know that’s what happens.  So basically it’s all stuff that I didn’t understand.  But it’s still pretty cool so far.

So I’ve got two weeks to finish!  At my current pace I should finish by then. Especially since I know I’m not going opening weekend. I really want to finish by 10/5.

My friend Chris and I joined a beer mug club at our local pub. In order to join, all you had to do is drink each of the 36 beers they have on tap. Then you get a mug with your name and member number on it. Well, we finished a couple weeks ago and our mugs will be ready by then. So all our friends are getting together with us to show them off.  I want to be ready with the knowledge of the book so rub it in the smug faces. What good is having friends if you can’t brag about crap to them?!

Suck it, Ryan and Greg!!


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