Suicide Prevention Day

So normally, this site is all about nonsense. When a new coach is hired in every sport, he is always a no nonsense coach. If I were to ever become a coach, I would absolutely be the all nonsense coach. Whoopee cushions in the film rooms, purple nurples.. the works.  That’s the only reason I am not a pro coach. I am sure of it. Otherwise, I would be on a sideline somewhere.  But today is a special day, and is very important.

Today is world suicide prevention day. Right in the middle of suicide prevention week. I want everyone to know it’s okay to feel sad about anything that is important to you. And it’s not okay to belittle someone else because that certain something may seem small. Everyone is battling something, we may never know who needs help.

I saw something online the other day that really touched me. It said telling someone they can’t be sad because someone has it worse is like telling someone they can’t be happy because someone has it better.

Don’t ever tell someone just to “get over it” when discussing their depression or sadness. It’s not that easy, trust me. It only makes the problem worse.  For those who don’t live with it, depression is just as important in our society as any other addiction or disease.  I refuse to believe that people in general don’t believe that.  I choose to believe that people just don’t understand.  We have been taught as a society how big a problem alcohol and drugs can be.  Depression and mental illness hasn’t been made as big a deal as it should be, and people don’t know how to deal with it.

I don’t want to get preachy, or go on too long.  I simply want to make today known.  Remember, always be kind. Always be there for whoever needs you.  And never underestimate how important you are to someone else.  On either side.  If you think you don’t matter, you do to someone.  Probably a lot of someones.  If you think you can’t or don’t know how to help, you can.  Every little bit helps.  A quick text, or a phone call.  Just letting someone know you’re there can make a huge difference.

Here is the website for the suicide prevention hotline.  You may need it at some point. Someone you know may need it.  Tomorrow will be better than today. Make sure you’re here to see it.


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