How I spent my summer vacation (Part 2)

So yesterday I wrote about the movies I saw and didn’t see this summer.  I forgot to mention how excited about Back to the Future day.  10/21/2015.  It is my favorite movie ever, and I will be at a theater somewhere seeing it on the big screen.  It’s been a good summer for BTTF.  AMC has been showing the trilogy seemingly every week all summer.  I watch it all the time when my children aren’t around.  I don’t care which part of the trilogy I come in on.

Anyway, there was another reason I didn’t mention yesterday as to why I didn’t write a ton.  I wanted to re-watch the entire Entourage series so I could go see the movie.  Well, mission accomplished, sorta!  I watched the entire series again.  Only to miss the movie at the theater.  Apparently it wasn’t very good and was gone before I had a chance to go see it.  So now I have to wait to see it on DVD.  Whatever, if it was that bad, I guess I’m not missing anything.

The other movie I wanted to see was The Gallows.  I took my niece to see Insidious 3.  Which was total garbage.  I mean, TOTAL SH*T.  I’ve mentioned before how I take her to see horror movies.  Anyway, we wanted to see The Gallows, but it was gone from our local theater in a week.  Another movie in which I probably didn’t miss anything.

Okay the other show that took up the ENTIRE DAMN SUMMER was something that my wife wanted to watch.  She wanted to pick a show that we could watch all summer that was still going on this fall.  So she picked Once Upon A Time.  For those who missed the first four seasons, the show is about fairy tale characters who were cursed out of their world into ours.  Season 1…well, it kinda blows.  It’s all about the love between Snow White and Prince Charming.  And it’s really boring.  After that, it picks up a bit.  The saving grace for me, is Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook.  Peter Pan is my favorite Disney movie ever, and one of my top 10 of all time.  So the fact that Hook is so awesome, really appealed to me.

Season 3 took place entirely in Neverland.  I gotta admit, that had me really intrigued.  But it dragged on and on.  It took forever to get through that season.  Season 4 wasn’t much better.  At least the Frozen story arc was only half the season.  The wife really likes it, and for me, it’s fine.  I don’t love it.  I don’t hate it.  I am concerned that my show list is growing too large this year.  I am going to watch Supergirl, but I know that won’t last long.  Have you seen the previews?

My book list is piling up.  I have the entire collection of Sidney Sheldon books to read, or re-read.  I really want to get through them again so I can decide if the new spin off books are worth getting.  Where do people find time in the day to do everything they need and want to do?  I guess maybe I shouldn’t sleep as much as I do?  Hmmm… I love sleeping.  I wonder if it’s worth giving that up for a book.  I am also supposed to check out Ready Player One.  Supposedly I am going to love this book.  That will actually probably be the next one I read.  Hopefully.


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