All-Star Saturday Night

Every year, the NBA All-Star weekend falls around Valentines Day.  Every year, I throw a party for all my friends for the Saturday night festivities.  It’s great.  Here in California, the events start at 5pm.  Everyone comes over, we do a potluck, the children come and play.  Then, at the end of the night, everyone can get their little ones back home to bed at a reasonable hour and everyone leaves happy and full of food and booze.  Until this year.  Thanks a lot NBA.

Falling ON Valentines Day, we decided to skip the party this year.  Knowing that most of our friends don’t celebrate the day with big extravagant activities wasn’t the point.  We just figured that even though we celebrated two weeks before, most people probably didn’t.  So we spent our Valentines Day grocery shopping, buying new shoes for our daughter (only one though!  The other didn’t need them this time, thank goodness!!) and ordering a pizza.  Hey, I told you, we celebrated two weeks before!!  Screw going out on Valentines Day.  Crap is too expensive and crowded that day.

So anyway, I had to record the NBA stuff and watch it after everyone went to bed.  After all these years of watching while sort of paying attention while eating and drinking, I hadn’t realized how incredibly boring the night is when you have to watch it alone and sober (ish).  Now, I knew the skills challenge was ridiculous.  It’s basically the best point guards who aren’t good enough for the all-star game doing a warm up drill.  It’s crazy boring.  Although, I was pulling for Isaiah Thomas to win the thing.  Former King and all that.

There was this competition called the Shooting Stars contest.  Each team gets an NBA player, a WNBA player and a legend.  They used to have each team be from the same city.  Now its all just completely random.  And it bugs me.  There was a team with an NBA player from Atlanta, and another team had a legend from Atlanta.  PUT THEM ON THE SAME DAMN TEAM!  Yes, I know this is the least of the issues.  Little things bother me.  But seriously, how is it enjoyable to watch players shoot half court shots, unsuccessfully, for 90 seconds?

The 3 point shootout was not bad.  Steph Curry was brilliant.  But ruined by the terrible commentary.  Which you never notice when you have a party with music in the background.  And Zach Lavine was pretty great in the dunk contest.  The dunks were pretty similar, but they were all really impressive.  I did enjoy the Space Jam jersey.  A nice added touch.

I couldn’t wait for the evening to be over.  Never again will an All-Star Saturday night go by partyless!  Especially since the next morning at our monthly football game, my buddy Chris couldn’t stop bitching about how he didn’t get invited.  We didn’t have the party!  Damn, YOU could have people over too you know!


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