Jon Stewart

“No f**king way.”

That was exactly what I said when I read that Jon Stewart was going to leave The Daily Show. I watch the show every day. Not every night, because I’m not staying up that late. Screw that, I’m sleepy. But every morning before my daughters wake up.

It’s funny, I was just thinking the other day that Stewart was still young enough that he wouldn’t leave for a long time. It’s not like theres an upgrade he can move to. Stephen Colbert took over The Late Show. John Oliver has taken HBO’s weekly late night show. This isn’t like when Jimmy Fallon took over The Tonight Show after Conan O’Brien was screwed over. Yes, I’m still bitter. Although Conan’s comedy worked better at Late Night, that’s not the point.

I’m confused as to the timing of this. Had this happened a year ago, they had a perfect replacement in Oliver. Who knows if he would have taken the job with an offer like HBO on the table, but at least try. Maybe Stewart wasn’t ready a year ago (or whenever he came back from making Rosewater. Time seems to run together around here). It’s not my place to tell someone else when to go, but it’s just odd.

I will be curious to see what Stewart does next. I will be even more curious to see who takes over the desk. I don’t think there is an in house replacement. Larry Wilmore moved on to The Colbert Report time slot. Jason Jones and Sam Bee did a bit where they hosted and joked about how they were completely unprepared. Jordan Klepper is the new kid on the block, and I think he is hilarious. But I’m not sure he would be as funny hosting.

My guess is it’s an outside hire just as it was when Comedy Central hired Stewart all those years ago. It’s going to be really wierd when someone new is behind the desk. This makes me really sad. I have loved The Daily Show with JON STEWART. Will I love it as much without? Time will tell. But, Godspeed to you, Jon. You have definately earned a moment of zen.


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