Last Saturday night Mythbusters started their new season. It was all new, but also back to basics. Back to season 1, when it was simply Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. In what has been reported as a contract dispute, the other main busters, Kari, Tori and Grant left the show in a contract dispute.

I don’t generally watch the show. I will occasionally if the description sounds interesting but it’s never been appointment television until now. They played right into my wheelhouse last night and did an episode dedicated to my favorite show of all time, The Simpsons. I was stoked and couldn’t wait to see which awesome experiments they did. Here was the first thing I said when I saw what they were doing:

“They’re only doing two?!?!”

What a total ripoff. Now, the first myth they tested is a pretty good one. From season 1, Bart drops a cherry bomb in a toilet, and water shoots up every toilet in the bathroom. I was good with this one.

The second was alright. They wanted to test if if would help if you strapped yourself to a wrecking ball to stop it from destroying your house. Now, the problem is, the ball they made was 5,000 pounds. They made no mention that putting yoursef between a 5,000 pound wrecking ball and your house would kill you. Maybe because this is obvious? Maybe it’s not? I am very dumb so what do I know?

I was trying to think of other experiments I would have liked to have seen them test. But 26 seasons of episodes had me somewhat clueless. Luckily, as I was writing this, I was watching Das Bus. One of the top 10 episodes ever. This fact is not debatable. In it, the bus goes off a bridge and sinks. The students are stranded on a deserted island. It’s The Simpsons Lord of the Flies episode.

Anyway, Bart has to swim to the bus to get a cooler with food for everyone to eat. He takes Millhouse’s inhaler to help him breathe under water.

Now, I don’t think this would work. And it doesn’t have that Mythbusters pizzaz of explosions or destruction. But it would have taken 5 minutes of the show to disprove, and would have been something else they could have experimented on. So that was a bit of a disappointment.

But they get extra credit for showing Simpson clips throughout the show. That never gets old, and always makes me laugh.

Next week, the Mythbusters take on Indiana Jones. Just a guess, but I doubt they will test if you can rip out a man’s still beating heart.


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