Ohio State Luckeyes

In 2002, Ohio State played the University of Miami for college football’s National Championship. I had always been a fan of Miami for whatever reason. Then, one of my best friends went to Miami for college. Then a couple years later, another did. In fact, that 2nd friend was at Miami when this game happened.

To set the scene, Miami was winning by 7 in overtime. Ohio State had one last play to try and tie the game and continue onto a 2nd overtime. The pass was clearly incomplete. Some bulls**t referee who clearly wanted OSU to win called pass interference approximately 15 minutes later to make sure the game went on (I may be exaggerating the time, but only slightly). They would win in double overtime, forever earning their nickname as the Ohio State Luckeyes and my eternal hatred.

Luckily, since then, they haven’t been all that relevant. Until this year. The first year of college football’s playoff, Ohio State sat around 5th ranked nationally the last few weeks of the season and won their conference title. It didn’t matter, I told myself. There is no way they will leap over the 4th ranked school, TCU, who won their last game 55-3. But of course they did!! Only because OSU travels better and gets better TV ratings. Luckeye power strikes again. FYI, TCU won their bowl game 42-3. Pretty playoff worthy if you ask me. Maybe this will teach the Big 12 commissioner a lesson and get a championship game and settle things on the field. What a chickens**t.

I was torn on who to root for in their first playoff game, as I hate Alabama almost as much. So who cares who won? Of course Ohio State did. And now they played Oregon for thr National Championship. I assumed this would be the end of the line as Oregon was far superior and would destroy the Luckeyes and expose them for what they are. No dice.

But, all credit to Ohio State. They did what I thought they couldn’t. Win a couple games in the playoffs. And they did it in convincing fashion. Would love to see them take on TCU, but an 8 team playoff is at least a couple years off I believe. Gotta say, as someone who is as anti Urban Meyer as they come, I love the fact that he kept going for it on 4th down last night. I hate punting. Teams don’t go for it nearly enough. If you can’t make 1 or 2 yards, you don’t deserve to win. Ugh I just said nice things about Ohio State and their coach. I gotta go take like 42 showers.

Hey at least I have Sacramento State basketball to look forward to! 9-6 overall, 3-1 in the Big Sky conference!!Go Hornets!!


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