2024 Summer Olympics

This week the United States Olympic Committee announced that our nations bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics would come from Boston, Ma.  That is great! For all cities that aren’t Boston, and people who don’t pay taxes in that area.  It has become a losing game for people who have to pay for the games.  I was extremely glad the committee didn’t pick Los Angeles for our bid.  Although I don’t pay taxes in that area, it’s still my state, and I don’t want it anywhere near me.  But I guess a city that’s already had the games is probably best.  I don’t really know what LA would have to build to be ready.  Boston will have to build an Olympic village, a pool and a number of other venues just to hold the games.

There was a public poll taken in Boston, and 47% of people were in favor of the games, 43% were not.  The other 11%?  I don’t know.  I guess they didn’t care one way or the other.  But if you can’t get a majority of your people behind something this large, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.  I guess that’s why we have elected officials.  To decide these things for us.  (That was sarcasm for those who didn’t grasp that.)

There was a report I read about recent games, and it said the London games were supposed to cost around $4 billion.  The final bill was 5 times that much.  Tourism actually goes down, money spent goes down.  And let’s not forget about the people who actually work on the buildings that must go up.  I know it wasn’t the Olympics, but for the World Cup in Quatar in 2022, workers were dying at a rate of around one person per day.  Obviously the working conditions in these here United States are much different, but the point is, these events all over the world are not what they are cracked up to be for the host cities and host countries.

Let’s not forget about Rio.  For the World Cup, there were as many as 250,000 people evicted from their homes due to construction and just needing homes for visitors.  It’s disgusting.  And if you’ve forgotten, guess who gets the 2016 Summer games?  If you guessed Rio, you get a gold star.

I’m very torn on this issue.  On the one hand I love the Olympics.  In the summer I watch basketball, swimming and my daughter loves the gymnastics.  On the other, there is nothing more appalling than the Olympics.  The  extravagant cost, the lack of human decency, and the bribery that goes on behind the scenes is enough to make your head spin.

Of course, how could we forget about the bribery!!  That even happens here.  There was a huge scandal in the 90’s involving cash payments  and real estate dealings to International Olympic Committee members in order to get the games to Salt Lake City, Utah.  And for what?  So the cities can lose even MORE money on top of it.  I guess there’s the prestige of hosting, but let Rome or Paris have that.  Boston will be much better off without them.


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