Jason Bourne

Alright so this actually came down a few months ago, but more news has come out in the past couple of days.  It was announced back in November that Matt Damon will be back as Jason Bourne in another installment of the Bourne saga in 2016.  However, this week, the movie got a release date of July 29, 2016!  Hot damn, that’s still really far away.  I was thinking it wasn’t all that bad until I thought about it.  Okay let’s not focus on the bad.  Let’s focus on the other good news.  This movie will not be a Jason Bourne/Aaron Cross crossover.   That isn’t really the best way to put that.  Anyway, this will be simply Matt Damon again.  The way it should be.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve seen The Bourne Legacy.  I don’t hate it.  Certainly not as much as the rest of the world appears to.  However, I have only seen it the one time, and I probably couldn’t tell you a thing about it at this point.  Maybe I should watch it again.  It has Bourne in the title, so by rule, I have to enjoy it a little.

All this news got me thinking about the original trilogy.  Legacy aside.  Is the original Bourne trilogy my favorite trilogy ever?  I don’t count Star Wars.  That’s not a trilogy.  That’s a saga.  Now you’re probably thinking, don’t you have to count all four Bourne movies?  No of course I don’t.  It’s my list.  Simply Matt Damon Bourne movies count.  Once this new movie comes out it will fall into saga territory, and it will fall behind Star Wars, Rocky and Indiana Jones off the top of my head.  But as a three film set?  It’s certainly right up at the top.  I love the original three.

Which led me into trying to figure out my top 10 movies of all time.  I had mentioned previously that Back to the Future is in my top 10.  FYI, that trilogy is not ahead of the Bourne movies.  Although I am super excited that this year is finally going to be Back to the Future II day!  There’s even a website!  Outside of that, I don’t even know where to start.  I love Star Wars, but Empire is the best one of the saga.  I certainly don’t want to spend two spots on my top 1o on the same series of movies!  There are two movies I can recite line for line.  Major League and Ghostbusters (There will be a scathing post coming up on the Ghostbusters news).  Do they make it?  What about my other favorite sports movies?  Tin Cup for golf, The Last Boy Scout for football, Blue Chips for basketball and The Mighty Ducks for hockey (quack).  This will take some time.

Before I go, I wanted to say one last serious thing.  Unfortunately, there is no real way to transition to this.  A buddy of mine and I started going to this bar a few weeks ago.  They have a program where once you drink all their beers, they put your name on a stein and keep it for you when come in.  We’ve only gotten a few beers into it so far.  Earlier this week, there was a carjacking/murder at the bar.  It made me sad.  I don’t like to see anyone die.  Especially in a senseless manner.  I hope this new year finds all of you happy and healthy and in good spirits.  I hope that young woman’s friends and family find peace soon.  And should you ever be in a scenario in which someone asks for your keys and wallet, give them what they ask for.  It’s not worth your life.  May she rest in peace.


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