January 28, 1986

When you read this, use a really cool echo: IT’S TIME ONCE AGAIN FOR…THIS DAY IN HISTORY!!!  This is a post I’ve done a couple times, and be honest, you love learning when you’re on the internet.  No porn or other enjoyment for you!!  It’s all education all the time!  I really wish I had finished school.  This is something I would totally do in my class.  My students would love me.  I’d be the cool teacher.  Or the one who thinks he’s cool that the students always make fun of.  Either way, they’d be talking about me.

Anyway, I had something else I was going to post today, but that will have to wait.  Today is more important.

I’m assuming most of you are too young to remember January 28,1986.  I have no idea the age demographic of my readers.  I was 7 and in first grade.  I think it’s the first big thing where I can say I remember where I was.  I was in class.  At least that’s how I remember it.  We were gathered around the TV watching the space shuttle Challenger take off into space.  And then all of a sudden, it wasn’t.  It was one of the, if not the biggest disasters in the history of the American Space program.  73 seconds after liftoff, Challenger exploded, killing all 7 people on board.  The reason this was such a big deal, was there was a teacher on board.  Christa McAuliffe was to be the first teacher in space.

I am not going to go too deep into this one.  I just wanted to mention it, as I hadn’t heard anything about it today and it needed to be talked about.  Seven people died trying to advance our nations space program.  They should always be remembered for the sacrifice they made and what was learned from the disaster.  Hopefully tragedies like this will be avoided forever.


Last Saturday night Mythbusters started their new season. It was all new, but also back to basics. Back to season 1, when it was simply Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. In what has been reported as a contract dispute, the other main busters, Kari, Tori and Grant left the show in a contract dispute.

I don’t generally watch the show. I will occasionally if the description sounds interesting but it’s never been appointment television until now. They played right into my wheelhouse last night and did an episode dedicated to my favorite show of all time, The Simpsons. I was stoked and couldn’t wait to see which awesome experiments they did. Here was the first thing I said when I saw what they were doing:

“They’re only doing two?!?!”

What a total ripoff. Now, the first myth they tested is a pretty good one. From season 1, Bart drops a cherry bomb in a toilet, and water shoots up every toilet in the bathroom. I was good with this one.

The second was alright. They wanted to test if if would help if you strapped yourself to a wrecking ball to stop it from destroying your house. Now, the problem is, the ball they made was 5,000 pounds. They made no mention that putting yoursef between a 5,000 pound wrecking ball and your house would kill you. Maybe because this is obvious? Maybe it’s not? I am very dumb so what do I know?

I was trying to think of other experiments I would have liked to have seen them test. But 26 seasons of episodes had me somewhat clueless. Luckily, as I was writing this, I was watching Das Bus. One of the top 10 episodes ever. This fact is not debatable. In it, the bus goes off a bridge and sinks. The students are stranded on a deserted island. It’s The Simpsons Lord of the Flies episode.

Anyway, Bart has to swim to the bus to get a cooler with food for everyone to eat. He takes Millhouse’s inhaler to help him breathe under water.

Now, I don’t think this would work. And it doesn’t have that Mythbusters pizzaz of explosions or destruction. But it would have taken 5 minutes of the show to disprove, and would have been something else they could have experimented on. So that was a bit of a disappointment.

But they get extra credit for showing Simpson clips throughout the show. That never gets old, and always makes me laugh.

Next week, the Mythbusters take on Indiana Jones. Just a guess, but I doubt they will test if you can rip out a man’s still beating heart.


Okay, so I know this blog has always been pretty much a nonsense blog. We have a lot of fun and generally don’t talk about anything all that important. Occasionally, something comes up and we feel the need to get serious. Today is one of those days. I promise not to go on too long or be too preachy.

I don’t generally share a lot about causes I support. I feel it’s better to do it silently, and behind the scenes. Politics, religion, things like that only cause problems. But Breakfree.org is something I cannot support enough. If you’re unfamiliar, their goal is to end human trafficking.

I have talked a lot about my niece on here. When we go see movies together, and just all the time I am lucky enough to spend with her. She’s an amazing young woman who will be graduating high school in the spring. I can’t believe she still enjoys wasting time with an old guy like me, but she does. She’s one of my best friends, and the strongest person I’ve ever met. I’ve never been prouder of anyone in my life. There are very few people on this planet that I love more.

And if you still haven’t made the connection, let her explain it to you:

Ohio State Luckeyes

In 2002, Ohio State played the University of Miami for college football’s National Championship. I had always been a fan of Miami for whatever reason. Then, one of my best friends went to Miami for college. Then a couple years later, another did. In fact, that 2nd friend was at Miami when this game happened.

To set the scene, Miami was winning by 7 in overtime. Ohio State had one last play to try and tie the game and continue onto a 2nd overtime. The pass was clearly incomplete. Some bulls**t referee who clearly wanted OSU to win called pass interference approximately 15 minutes later to make sure the game went on (I may be exaggerating the time, but only slightly). They would win in double overtime, forever earning their nickname as the Ohio State Luckeyes and my eternal hatred.

Luckily, since then, they haven’t been all that relevant. Until this year. The first year of college football’s playoff, Ohio State sat around 5th ranked nationally the last few weeks of the season and won their conference title. It didn’t matter, I told myself. There is no way they will leap over the 4th ranked school, TCU, who won their last game 55-3. But of course they did!! Only because OSU travels better and gets better TV ratings. Luckeye power strikes again. FYI, TCU won their bowl game 42-3. Pretty playoff worthy if you ask me. Maybe this will teach the Big 12 commissioner a lesson and get a championship game and settle things on the field. What a chickens**t.

I was torn on who to root for in their first playoff game, as I hate Alabama almost as much. So who cares who won? Of course Ohio State did. And now they played Oregon for thr National Championship. I assumed this would be the end of the line as Oregon was far superior and would destroy the Luckeyes and expose them for what they are. No dice.

But, all credit to Ohio State. They did what I thought they couldn’t. Win a couple games in the playoffs. And they did it in convincing fashion. Would love to see them take on TCU, but an 8 team playoff is at least a couple years off I believe. Gotta say, as someone who is as anti Urban Meyer as they come, I love the fact that he kept going for it on 4th down last night. I hate punting. Teams don’t go for it nearly enough. If you can’t make 1 or 2 yards, you don’t deserve to win. Ugh I just said nice things about Ohio State and their coach. I gotta go take like 42 showers.

Hey at least I have Sacramento State basketball to look forward to! 9-6 overall, 3-1 in the Big Sky conference!!Go Hornets!!


I have said before that I am a fan of country music. None of my friends are. They all make fun of me for it. And that’s without actually listening to any of the actual songs.

I had started noticing a few years ago that a lot of the songs that were super popular were just not good. But I still listened. Like Natalie Imbruglia, I was torn (If you like 90’s alternative rock, that joke is brilliant). I always listened, but it seemed like every song I was thinking, this song sucks.

As a stay home dad, I didn’t want the TV on all day, so I simply turned the radio on the country station. This accomplished a few things. Allows my daughters and me to sing and dance a lot. Gets my daughters interested in music, and country music specifically. Throughout my life I’ve listened to a but of everything but enjoy country the most. The problem with my plan is their favorite act is Florida Georgia Line who is a pox on society.

Anyway. The biggest problem with country music these days is that all the songs are the same. Or so the prevailing wisdom goes. I have two thoughts on this.

1. Yes they do.

2. On the other hand, I don’t fault singers and songwriters for putting out these songs. The competition is fierce. Get yours while you can. It’s popular and if that’s what is going to get played, I have no problem with what they are doing. If I had any talent outside of karaoke, I’d probably do the same thing.

There are artists who I will defend unapologetically. Don’t ever say a bad word about Gary Allan, Jana Kramer or Ashton Shepherd. You won’t change my mind. Other than them, we can probably talk.

I read http://www.savingcountrymusic.com (all hail savingcountrymusic.com). Well I guess not all hail. I don’t agree with everything they say, but I enjoy the differing opinion. They recently linked to a video that shows exactly HOW similar all these songs are. And it’s awesome.

All cards on the table, I like Luke Bryan. But I understand why people don’t and why he is in this video. The rest don’t really make any difference to me. Which is why I thought this was brilliant.

2024 Summer Olympics

This week the United States Olympic Committee announced that our nations bid for the 2024 Summer Olympics would come from Boston, Ma.  That is great! For all cities that aren’t Boston, and people who don’t pay taxes in that area.  It has become a losing game for people who have to pay for the games.  I was extremely glad the committee didn’t pick Los Angeles for our bid.  Although I don’t pay taxes in that area, it’s still my state, and I don’t want it anywhere near me.  But I guess a city that’s already had the games is probably best.  I don’t really know what LA would have to build to be ready.  Boston will have to build an Olympic village, a pool and a number of other venues just to hold the games.

There was a public poll taken in Boston, and 47% of people were in favor of the games, 43% were not.  The other 11%?  I don’t know.  I guess they didn’t care one way or the other.  But if you can’t get a majority of your people behind something this large, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.  I guess that’s why we have elected officials.  To decide these things for us.  (That was sarcasm for those who didn’t grasp that.)

There was a report I read about recent games, and it said the London games were supposed to cost around $4 billion.  The final bill was 5 times that much.  Tourism actually goes down, money spent goes down.  And let’s not forget about the people who actually work on the buildings that must go up.  I know it wasn’t the Olympics, but for the World Cup in Quatar in 2022, workers were dying at a rate of around one person per day.  Obviously the working conditions in these here United States are much different, but the point is, these events all over the world are not what they are cracked up to be for the host cities and host countries.

Let’s not forget about Rio.  For the World Cup, there were as many as 250,000 people evicted from their homes due to construction and just needing homes for visitors.  It’s disgusting.  And if you’ve forgotten, guess who gets the 2016 Summer games?  If you guessed Rio, you get a gold star.

I’m very torn on this issue.  On the one hand I love the Olympics.  In the summer I watch basketball, swimming and my daughter loves the gymnastics.  On the other, there is nothing more appalling than the Olympics.  The  extravagant cost, the lack of human decency, and the bribery that goes on behind the scenes is enough to make your head spin.

Of course, how could we forget about the bribery!!  That even happens here.  There was a huge scandal in the 90’s involving cash payments  and real estate dealings to International Olympic Committee members in order to get the games to Salt Lake City, Utah.  And for what?  So the cities can lose even MORE money on top of it.  I guess there’s the prestige of hosting, but let Rome or Paris have that.  Boston will be much better off without them.

Who you gonna call?

So I mentioned yesterday that I would come up with a post on some recent Ghostbusters news. Well let’s recap it all for those who, for some reason, aren’t in love with Ghostbusters.

For years, it’s been rumored that there was going to be a Ghostbusters 3. This movie had two cons and one pro.

Cons: Ghostbusters 2. Also, after all these years, it’s so hard to recapture the magic.

Pro: They were putting the band back together. Everyone was in. Except Bill Murray. Okay, I can get behind it as long as it still has the rest of the ol’ gang. I’m not thrilled, but I’m okay.

Then last February, Harold Ramis, writer and original Ghostbuster, passed away. The movies he wrote are unbelievable. Ghostbusters, Caddyshack, Animal House, and Stripes just to mention my favorites. This brought on a whole slew of changes. None of which have been good.

Now it appears they are rebooting (one of my least favorite words in worlds of film) the franchise. The newest report is they want to make it darker and scarier than the original. I have an idea. LEAVE IT ALONE. Just go make a new scary ghost movie, and don’t call it Ghostbusters. And the worst part is the known all along but now confirmed report that… Ugh… Melissa McCarthy is up for a role in the movie. Just stop.

First of all, McCarthy is a one trick pony, and that trick is terrible. I don’t see her appeal. I’ve seen one episode of Mike & Molly. It was awful. Identity Thief was horrible. And this is from someone who crushes HARD on Jason Bateman. Bridesmaids? Crazy overrated. Although I probably would have liked it had she not been in it. She ruins everything. Not to over sell it.

And how does she fit into a scary version of Ghostbusters? They are talking to Kristin Wiig (love her) and Rebel Wilson (I had to look her up) for the cast. They’ve probably looked at more actresses, but at this point does it even matter?  It would appear that Paul Feig (the new director) has his head so far up his own ass, he has no idea what he is doing.  This is going to be awful.  The cast they are talking about is the exact opposite of a cast you would want if you were making a scary movie.  Unless the Wayans are making another Scary Movie.  Which I wouldn’t see either.

Ghostbusters holds a very special place in my heart.  And for a lot of other people as well.  For me, I won’t even buy the DVD because they changed the stupid cover.  I still watch it on VHS because of the box.  I have the original.  Black box, with the logo on it.  Very plain.  The way it was meant to be.  Although I just looked up the DVD on Amazon.  It’s $4.99.  I may have to compromise for $4.99.

Alright fine, will I see Ghostbusters 3 or The New Ghostbusters or whatever the hell they are going to call it?  Of course I will.  I’m not made of stone.  But it will definitely be a Netflix rental.  Who am I kidding?  I will probably go see it on a $5 Tuesday.  No matter how bad it is, and at this rate it’s going to be an absolute dumpster fire, it’s still Ghostbusters.  But I will be really sad about it.