Terminator Genisys

If you haven’t watched the Terminator Genisys trailer yet, here it is:

I’ve watched it about five times.  I still have no clue what this movie is about.  The first two Terminator movies are awesome.  I never saw the third one, or Salvation.  I watched the TV show.  And like a number of shows I like, it was cancelled way too soon.  Anyway.

So back to the trailer.  My first thought was, as I’m watching it is, okay it’s a reboot.  John Connor sends Kyle Reese back to fight a Terminator that Skynet sent back to kill his mother, Sarah before John could be conceived.  A different way to tell the same story of the first film.  I can get behind this.

But then Sarah says she knows the Terminator is there?  Arnold comes face to face with his 1984 self.  The T-1000 from Judgement Day is involved too.  I’m afraid I may be too dumb to know what the hell is going on in this movie.  In fact, I had to go over to Wikipedia to read the premise just to follow along with the trailer.

When I was watching the trailer, I thought Emilia Clarke looked way too young to be playing Sarah Connor compared to Linda Hamilton.  Turns out they were the same age when they suited up against a terminator.  For me, it’s one of those iconic rolls that should only be played by Linda Hamilton (okay or by Lena Headey), but maybe Clarke will change my mind.

This movie sounds crazy stupid.  It’ll make a crap load of money, and they’ve already announced it as a trilogy.  So I will eventually see them.  I should probably see Rise of the Machines and Salvation.  Even though I’ve heard nothing but terrible things.  My friends who I usually go see movies with couldn’t even be bothered to watch the trailer.  So, I assume they are out for the movie.  If I see it in the theater, it’s definitely a $5 Tuesday.  But, most movies are a $5 Tuesday.

Except 12/18/2015.  Star Wars is a full price movie.


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