Jason Aldean

So I am a little late getting caught up on all my posts.  I’ve got a couple waiting to go, but this was a tough week for me.  Last weekend was a good one.  Saturday night was the soccer match with Phil, and then on Sunday night I went to the Jason Aldean concert.  There were good and bad things, and I will get to them all.

First of all, the show was Tyler Farr, Florida Georgia Line, and Jason.  This would have been my four year olds favorite concert ever.  Jason is her favorite singer, and she absolutely loves FGL.  Or as she calls them, her two boys.  No one in this house gives a crap about Tyler Farr.





I am not a fan of FGL.  For me, they are the epitome of everything that is wrong with country music today.  Now I know what you’re thinking… uh, isn’t that Jason Aldean?  And well, most people would agree with you.  I am not one of those people.  Are they very similar?  Yes.  Are they different?  Uh… somehow.  Cruise is one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard.  So that set me off.  However, their new song Dirt is by far their best song, so if their new album is songs all like that, I reserve the right to change my mind.  As I get older, I am trying to become a better person, and having an open mind is a big part of that.  No more preconceived notions!

So we dropped the girls off at my folks house an hour and a half before the show started.  They live about 15-20 minutes from the venue.  My sister was also going and she told us to go this back way that no one goes.  You have to pay for parking, but you can get in and out with no problem.  So sure, what the hell.  Well, once we got on this back road, it was 2 miles to the amphitheater.  It took us an hour to go those 2 miles.  At which point we weren’t allowed to park in the fancy parking without a pass, so they sent us to the back of the parking lot.  Litterally couldn’t have been further away.  But it was fine, all we missed was Tyler Farr.  No big loss.



Fake Kelly

Here’s why I love Jason Aldean.  And probably why most fans of country music hate him.  I used to love rock music.  Or, what at the time was considered rock music.  I guess it was more alternative rock.  90’s rock.  Today’s rock music blows.  Almost all of it.  Jason’s music gives me enough country and enough rock to satisfy both sides of me.  So it works.  It doesnt work for a lot of people, and that’s fine.  I totally understand why.

I really wish I knew how to post videos on here.  The pictures didn’t turn out as great as the videos.  But you get the gist.

The show was amazing.  It wasn’t the best concert I’ve ever seen, but it was so good.  He played all the hits, but he was only on stage for about an hour, 15.  So that was a little disappointing.  But I was pretty hoarse by the end anyway, so I couldn’t scream anymore.  I have decided that I don’t like his new song Burnin’ it Down.  But then I realized it was co written by… FGL, so there you go.  Is it going to stop me from buying his CD on Tuesday?  Of course not!  Yes, I still buy CD’s.  Occasionally.

So when we got back to our car, way out in the middle of no where, we didn’t move.  For an hour.  I went for a walk and talked to a parking attendant,  Turns out it was a perfect time for a four car pileup right at the freeway!  Remember that 20 minute trip from the venue to my folks house?  Took over 2 hours on the way home.  The next day, kinda sucked but it was worth it.

Doing it all over again in two weeks for Luke Bryan!


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