Glory Glory Sacramento!

As Phil and I have said before, we here in Sacramento have a new soccer team.  Sacramento Republic FC!!  It isn’t MLS, but I’ll get to that.  We are super proud of our beloved team.  So, when they announced season tickets went on sale, Phil was right there to grab himself a couple!  Me?  Well, I live too far away and have too many responsibilities.  Phil is still care (and child) free.  As the season went along, I tried my best to get down to his place to go to a game.  Unfortunately, it just didn’t work out.  Then, the Republic made the playoffs…

Phil was out of town on vacation and missed the first two playoff games.  Both victories.  He came back, and I asked if there was a chance he would have an extra ticket to the championship match which was luckily held right here at Bonney Field in Sacramento!  Well, he said no.  So that was that.  Until Friday night!  Last minute, he ended up with an extra ticket, and I jumped all over it.

Me and Phil

Me and Phil

After a little pregame drinking, and the Tottenham vs. Arsenal game on TV, we were off!  The game was amazing!  I will be honest, I don’t know much about soccer, but I’m pretty sure we beat the sh*t out of Harrisburg City, 2-0.  If I could figure out how to post a video that I recorded and not from YouTube, I’d show you the video of the second goal I recorded.  I was trying to get the end of the game and the celebration, and they scored.  Two birds, one stone.

Our Seats

Our Seats

Now, who is jealous of our celebrity fan?  That’s right!  Our little minor league team has a celebrity fan!  Thank you for the support, Colin Hanks!  He loves his hometown!  Thanks, Colin!

He’s right about this team and town.  Next up, get this team into MLS!  Officials were in town this summer to see if we are a viable town for expansion.  Seems like it to me, and this picture from the Sacramento Bee sure seems to agree with me and everyone else in this town.  Glory Glory Sacramento.



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