Every. Simpsons. Ever.

So as you may or may not know or remember, I am a huge Simpsons geek.  It is my all-time favorite TV show.  I own the first 13 or 14 seasons on DVD.  So when FXX got their own rights to the library, it wasn’t really that big of a deal to me.  However, for a few weeks now, they have been running advertisements for their 12 day, 552 episode marathon of EVERY.  SIMPSONS.  EVER.  And I got really excited.  It started this morning, and damn it, I started watching.

I didn’t get to watch the entire thing, because with my daughters, I didn’t want to have it on all day.  But now that they are in bed, it’s back on.  I am watching “Oh, Brother, Where Are Thou?”  It’s still season 2.  Some really funny stuff, but still before it gets hilarious.  I will admit that I have emailed my buddy Fez a few quotes from the last episode I was able to watch.  “Bart!  You’re not in Sunday School anymore!  Stop swearing!”

My opinion is, the best season is season 8.  I can be talked into season 9 maybe, but right around there.  I doubt I will buy any other seasons.  My sister asked me once about it.  I have been debating.  If I buy them as they come out, it would simply be to have the complete series.  I can’t ever see myself watching these newer episodes.  They just don’t hold up.  I think I am good with my 14 seasons.

I am going to take the Jeopardy! test this year.  I don’t think I will do very well, but it has been a goal of mine for a few years.  It is something I HAVE to do.  I asked my wife, “How crazy would it be, if Final Jeopardy was a Simpsons question?!  What if I were winning and couldn’t be caught?  I’d still bet it all.”  She said “You’d better not!!”  My vast knowledge of Simpsons trivia ends at around that season 13 or 14 area.  So there are another 11 years I wouldn’t do well.  All it takes is one question I don’t know.

Anyway, I’m going back to my marathon.  If you’re curious, Sunday at 1:30pm PST is Bart After Dark.  The best episode ever.  Watch it.  You’ll see.  Also, if you’ve never seen this, it’s the full McBain movie.  You’re Welcome.


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