Forever Purple

Here in California’s capital city, tomorrow is a VERY important day.  There is so much going on!  First of all, it’s Tuesday which means my oldest daughter goes to pre-school (YAY!!) so I get a couple hours with just the baby.  So it’s quieter around here.  The sanity level goes up.  But tomorrow night is where the real action heats up.

Downtown, it’s the weekly city council meeting.  Around these parts, for the past year city council meetings have been a big deal.  Ever since that dickbag Chris Hansen and Seattle tried to steal our beloved Sacramento Kings, the council has had vote after vote on Kings related matters.  Mostly about the new arena.  Tomorrow is the final vote!  The team has already bought the mall that the new arena will sit on.  As soon as the vote passes, the team president, Chris Granger has said they are going to go downtown and turn off the power.  Part of me is sad because when that mall was full, it was a great open air place to shop.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been more than half full of stores in….1o years?  They are expecting so many people downtown they are putting up TVs outside of City Hall for those who cannot get in and want to watch outside.  I was one of these people who wanted to watch outside.  I wanted to go with Phil.  But he wanted to go bowling instead.  What a jerk, right?

Tomorrow is also important because it’s the NBA draft lottery!  The Kings have the 7th spot right now with virtually no chance of getting into the top 3.  They have picked 7th every year they’ve been in Sacramento.  Okay maybe it just seems that way.  But they have selected Lionel Simmons, Bobby Hurley, Jason Williams, they traded down from 7 to draft Jimmer Fredette (wow that trade is still horrible), Ben McLemore, and the best 7th pick in the history of sports, Walt Williams.  See?  They are there a lot.  Now, there really isn’t much suspense tomorrow with the lottery.  The Los Angeles Lakers WILL get the #1 pick.  I am one of the conspiracy theorists who believe the lottery is fixed.  I will be shocked if the Lakers don’t get the first pick.  And equally shocked if the Kings do.

The other cool thing that the Kings are doing for the draft is what they are calling “Draft 3.0.”    I think it is so great that the front office is trying to use any and all people they can to get all the information on every possible player in college to make the right pick.  There are probably people who think that if general manager is reaching out to fans, maybe they need a new general manager.  I am not one of those people.  If there is a different side, I say there is no reason not to look at it.  It is wonderful.

I admit, I am way too stupid to put my own vote in on the page.  I started getting into the major stats just a few years ago with baseball.  I am still learning there.  I have barely scratched the surface when it comes to basketball.  All I know is, I really don’t want the Kings to draft yet ANOTHER point guard.  Yes, I’m sure Marcus Smart is amazing.  Dante Exum seems really really good.  But come on.  Something other than another damn point guard!!


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