DC Entertainment

Ask anyone who is a comic book fan, and they will have their preference in DC Comics vs. Marvel Comics.  There are those of us that like DC better, and those that are wrong.  As I have said previously, I don’t read a lot of actual comic books.  Pretty much just Green Arrow.  Although, I do read the Injustice series that tied into the video game of the same name that was released.

I am, however, one of the millions of people who cannot wait for every single superhero movie to come out.  This is where Marvel has taken the lead.  The most recent Batman franchise was amazing, even if I’m the only person who thinks Batman Begins was the best of the trilogy.  (I liked Green Lantern).  Unfortunately, every Superman movie tends to blow.  Iron Man, The Avengers and Captain America are really good.  Okay, The Winter Soldier was okay.  I haven’t written about that yet.  I can’t really wrap my thoughts around it yet.  I will.  Hopefully before Captain America 3 comes out.

Where DC really owns Marvel is on television.  Yes, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a Marvel show.  And anything associated with Joss Whedon is going to be aces in my book.  What can I say, after Firefly, the guy can do no wrong.  But it doesn’t compare to the televised world of DC Comics.  I didn’t watch Smallville at the beginning.  I don’t remember why.  It was a long time ago.  I have a problem remembering what I did last weekend.  But guess what happened?!  They added Green Arrow!  Do you sense a theme here?  So I picked up Smallville at that point and watched till the end.  My wife loved the show too because of the Arrow, but not so much for the bow and quiver…. more so for the.. uh… Oliver.

The CW is about to wrap up season 2 of Arrow.  I love it so much.  So damn much.  It’s not my favorite show on TV.  I think that title goes to Justified.  So pissed there is only one more season.  Anyway.  It’s pretty freaking good.  Stephen Amell is a much better Green Arrow than Justin Hartley.  It was the correct choice to recast.  During this season, they decided to spin-off The Flash.  It will debut this fall.  Here is the teaser trailer.  I have some hopes for it.  If it’s done as well as Arrow.  I’m not the biggest Flash fan, so I don’t have the highest of hopes, but I will certainly watch it.

The one I couldn’t be more excited about is Gotham.  An origin story of Jim Gordon.  No Batman.  Bruce Wayne as a child, the villains before they were villains.  It looks like it could be really really good.  Or it could be really really terrible.  The only thing it’s missing is the best comic book villain from either universe.  Harley Quinn.  But, she was teased to possibly be in the next season of Arrow, so I’m good.  Plus, she was played brilliantly Mia Sara in the 2002 series Birds of Prey.  I guess I shouldn’t be too greedy.  But I can never get enough Harley.  Especially since my wife wouldn’t let me name our first daughter Harley Quinn.  Ppppttthhh.  Almost four years later and I’m still upset about that.


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