I have been burglarized twice in my life. Luckily, no one was home either time and nothing of any real importance was ever taken. A TV or two, some jewelry, and both times my CD collection. For a child, to rebuild your music collection is time consuming and expensive. I only bought two CDs both times our home was broken into. One was Dookie by Green Day and the other was released 20 years ago today, Weezer’s Blue Album.

Looking back after 20 years it certainly makes my top five albums of the 90s.  Grantland.com ran a piece about the album that was brilliant as well. I highly suggest reading it for another perspective.  They took all of their writers and each one discussed a song on the album.  Pretty cool.  I’m not going to go that far, but for me, my favorite song on the album is The World has Turned and Left Me Here.  It may not be the best, or the most critically acclaimed, but there’s something about it.

When the CD came out, I was dating a girl named Andrea. She loved Buddy Holly. Loved it. All these years later, the song still makes me think of her. She was weird and goofy and while most of high school sucked for me, it’s songs like this that bring back happy memories, even though they are few and far between.  At the time, it was one of the coolest videos I had ever seen.  It’s still really amazing how they did it.  And for the mid 90s?!  Brilliant!  The Sweater Song was a song that was so crazy cool to me, and EVERYONE knew it so well, that it sort of lost some of it’s awesomeness for a while.  But there is nothing about The Blue Album that is not absolute gold.

It’s a CD that is so totally 1990s.  However, I put it on the last couple of days in the car while driving my daughters around town, and it still holds up extremely well for being 20 years old.  Weezer has done put out some great songs since then.  Beverly Hills I really enjoyed, and the album Hurley if you don’t have it, is really really good.  I highly recommend it.

So with a tip of the cap, I say well done boys.  Congrats on a great 20 years and a brilliant album.  It was and will always be a benchmark CD for me.


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