RBI Baseball ’14

When I was a child, I had a Sega Genesis.  All my other friends has Nintendos.  I eventually sold it to get a Nintendo.  It just had better games.  Or at least, games that were more accessible via my local video store.  This was at a time when local mom and pop video stores rented video games.  Before Blockbuster.  Before Hollywood Video.  I know.  Forever ago.  I used to ride my bike down and look at the dozens of Nintendo games for rent and the five genesis games for rent.  It was awful.  So, I convinced my dad I had to have a Nintendo like everyone else.  And when I did get it, one of the first games I got was RBI Baseball.

I’ve always preferred sports games to other games.  There are exceptions.  Mario, Smash TV and a bunch of others.  But my friends and I always have played sports games.  Baseball games were big with my friend Chris and me.  Depending on who’s house you were at would depend on which game you played.  He had Bases Loaded.  I had RBI Baseball.  (There was no debate on football.  We both had Tecmo Bowl.  Everyone had Tecmo Bowl).

When I played the game into college, I would play as my beloved Oakland A’s.  I actually kept stats manually so I could see how they did at the end of the season.  Yup, I am just that cool.  I was stoked beyond belief when I heard they were bringing back RBI Baseball.  Just like I was last year when DuckTales was brought back.  I bought that too!!  Well, I went over to Amazon to pick up my copy and it was no where to be found.  “What the hell,” I said to myself.  Did a little research, turns out, the game is only available through the game console!  That’s crazy!

Am I the only person who still likes having the actual game?!  I still buy DVDs and Blu Ray discs.  I don’t just download digital copies of movies.  Am I completely out of touch with the rest of the world?  Have I become my father so soon!?  This really snuck up on me!  I will eventually get my copy when I stop being so lazy and actually turn on my PS3 again.  It’s been a while.  There are a few games I’d like to get along with it.  That are actually sold with a disc and case and everything!  I hear some good things about last years Tomb Raider.



2 responses to “RBI Baseball ’14

  1. Yes, Eric, you are getting old. CDs, DVDs, and game discs are all going the way of the Dodo. With digital downloads you’re basically renting games since you don’t own a physical copy of the game itself. It’s kind of like renting those from the mom and pop video store you opine about, only instead of biking there, now you’re just going to Steam or Sony’s online store or Xbox Live. You know what else is going away? “Complete” game experiences. Now you can count on a million different expansion packs being sold for a game after its release, or having to make micro purchases in order to unlock better content. It’s a brave new world…end rant.

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