Sacramento Republic FC

Okay so maybe this is a little localized.  But it’s pretty important here in Sacramento.  We have our own professional soccer club!  The Sacramento Republic FC.  I will admit that I am usually only interested in soccer every four years for the World Cup.  International soccer gets me interested, but MLS, or English Premier League I couldn’t care less about.  But put a club in my backyard?  Yeah, I’m going to pay attention.

We have now had two home matches and are 1-1.  Phil is lucky.  He has season tickets. I guess lucky isn’t the word I should use.  Phil shelled out the cash for season tickets.  He also lives much closer to the stadiums than I do.  I say stadiums on purpose.  I’ll get there.  Hey Phil, where are the pictures that I would have expected to be online by now?  Phil stands with the Tower Bridge Battalion!  He’s a big deal downtown.  Well, he’s there.  Maybe not the biggest of deals, but I assume he’s a deal.  The team is not part of Major League Soccer, or MLS.  The team is part of the United Soccer League, and we couldn’t be prouder of our boys.

In the first match, the club lost 2-1.  They won by the same score in the second match.  Both matches were at a stadium that holds over 20,000 people.  The first match was sold out.  They set an attendance record for the league by 9,500 people!!  The second was around 17,000 people if I read it correctly.  It was on the campus of a college here in Sacramento.  The reason is, they are still building the stadium that was designed for the club.  It holds 8,000 people.  Uh…. I’m curious if it’s capable of doubling the capacity.  We need to get MLS to notice!  The designers may have underestimated the desire for soccer in this town.  The coolest part is while 20,000 people were selling out a soccer match, across town 15,000 people were selling out a AAA minor league baseball River Cats game.  This is a great sports town, no matter what anyone will say about us.

Anyway, I am proud of my teams.  I am proud of my town.  And I am proud of Phil for being there every match.  I get to watch on YouTube, so that’s cool.  I gotta convince Phil to ditch his wife and take me to once.  Maybe twice.

Oh!  Also happy Star Wars Day!  May the 4th be with you!


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