Another Tournament Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted (sorry ’bout that), so I thought I would pick up the slack with a quick update on the results of Eric and mine’s tournament brackets. Like most of the country, they’re trashed. Utterly trashed. Things got off to a pretty rough start for me early on, but my final four was remaining intact. At least that was until Wisconsin beat Arizona, and Kentucky and UConn both forget what seed they were supposed to playing at. All that’s left for me now is Florida, who I picked to win the whole thing.

Not a winning bracket.

Not a winning bracket.

It’s not all doom and gloom for me, however, I am beating Eric…which probably explains why he hasn’t provided a tourney update since the end of the round of  64. And given the fact that all his final four picks, other than the Gators, have gone belly up, too, I’m pretty much assured a victory over him. Last year I won the NCAA tournament pool outright. Unfortunately, that won’t happen this year, but at least I’ll beat Eric. Again.  Silver linings people. Silver linings. (#dominate)

I hope fortune has treated your brackets better than ours.


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