March Madness

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!  I’m so excited!  The tournament starts today!  Happy tournament day to all of you who have the day off and get to watch the games!  And also to those of you stuck at work who will be sneaking a peak at your bracket in between your job.  Well I couldn’t figure out a way to put my bracket online so I’m simply going to post the Final Four for Phil and me.

Phil and I are doing a bracket challenge on ESPN with 10 of our friends.  I never win.  I always pick too many upsets.  I try to be too clever.  It never works out.  I tried to reign it in a bit, but I still went too far.  So I’m sure I’m already out of the pool and the games are still about 2 hours away.

So without further ado:

Phil’s final four: Florida, Arizona, Michigan State and Louisville.  Ohhh, lookie lookie.  Look who listened to EVERY SINGLE PERSON on ESPN and picked the same three that every one of them did, and #1 Arizona.  Way to go out on a limb Phil.  Good job.  You know not all of those will make it.  If they do, feel free to mock me.  But it’s not going to happen.

Now, I will gladly toot my own horn.  I picked the final four correctly once.  Ah, 2002 was a glorious year.  Maryland won the whole damn thing.  I will say this though.  That was in a stretch where I picked Maryland to win like three straight titles.  Was it luck in 2002, or did my skill finally come together?  I choose the latter.  Of course, as I write this, I realize my peak was 12 years ago.  How sad.

My final four is Florida, Virginia, Louisville, and Creighton.  I love having an oddball school in the final four.  I picked Davidson the year the went to the elite eight.  Butler a couple years ago.  So Creighton will either make it, or lose their first game.  So that’s exciting.

Unfortunately, we have the same championship game and champion.  Florida over Louisville.  So I have to have a lead in our bracket going into that game.

Good luck to all of you!  Terrible luck to Phil!

And of course.. LET’S GO TAR HEELS!


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