No, not the bullsh*t Mariah Carey movie. Actual glitter. Whoever invented glitter can eat a d**k. My daughter comes home from preschool everyday with art projects that are covered in glitter. And therefore our house is covered in glitter. I love her art, but pick up a paint brush!!! So to glitter and its inventor, I say f**k you.

Also in the unimportant play in games tonight, I’ll take Albany and NC State.

I was going to open up a bracket challenge to anyone who wanted to challenge Phil and me, but Phil said no one would do it. He’s probably right. He’s also a huge debbie downer. Thanks Phil! Why don’t you go find a parade and rain on it.

So instead I’ll just throw up my bracket on Thursday morning before the games start. Maybe tomorrow night. I’ve gotta tinker a bit.

Tomorrow night I’m watching the very important Cal Poly game. My buddy Ryan went to CP so I’m rooting for them. Even though they beat my wifes school, UC Irvine, in the Big West tournament. Go Mustangs!!


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