Today in history

So this was going to be a feature I wanted to do regularly.  And I have a great post for tomorrow.  As a history major in college, it has always been super interesting to me.  As my 17 year old niece constantly tells me, it’s only interesting to me.  She hates history.  She constantly asks questions about her homework, and when I go on and on about my answers, you can see her eyes glaze over and you can almost hear the music playing in her head.  But history is great, and I really wanted to teach it correctly.  You know, like how Christopher Columbus was actually a horrible person and not only was he not the first person to discover the new world, but he should be vilified not celebrated.

Anyway, this is a quick one because it’s really only interesting if you’re a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, like me.  Today is Founders Day!  March 9, 1856!  Happy Founders Day!


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