Daylight Savings Time

F**k you, daylight savings time.  I’m sleepy.

Arizona really does it up right.  You know, except for that whole, basic human rights thing.  And I’m sure a bunch of other s**t.  I’m to tired to look up all the crazy crap that Arizona does.  But as far as daylight savings time, weather and Brandon McCarthy… Arizona is aces.

How dare you, daylight savings time.  How dare you be during the last days of Sacramento Beer Week.  Or vice versa.  I’m not sure, I’m all thrown off.  All I know is Phil went downtown to do a pub crawl, and I got a pity invite.  He only mentioned it to me after I sent him a text earlier on Saturday night.  Luckily for him I had been drinking since noon.  I have a kegerator, and my folks came over today so I was in no shape to drive.  You butthole, Phil.

I tried to tell Phil to go earlier in the week when his favorite beer was on tap.  That is Pliny the Elder.   There was also Pliny the Younger on tap in a few places.  They sold out in record time.  I’ve never had either.  It’s impossible to find either in stores.  He tells me I won’t like them.  I’m a Moosehead kinda guy.  My buddy’s wife says that’s  girly beer because it’s crisp and refreshing, but how is that possible?!  It’s Canadian!  It’s a wilderness, rugged, lumberjack kinda beer!  Anyway.

And of course, rather than go to bed on time, I stayed up late watching Catching Fire.  But I’ll get to that later.  Why don’t you just sleep in the extra hour you ask?  Did you forget about the two daughters?!  They still wake up at the same time!  They don’t enjoy the extra hour yet.  I have about 10 years before that happens I think.  That will be a glorious time.  But seriously, Phil…have kids.  They rule.


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