Theme Songs

These days, no shows, or very few shows, have great memorable theme songs.  I cannot think of any that I watch currently with theme songs that I can sing.  Of course, a lot of the shows I watch these days are on channels like History, Discovery, Science and Smithsonian.  Of the scripted shows I watch, the songs are usually instrumental like Parks and Rec for example.  As I mentioned in a previous post, you have to go back to the 90’s to find amazing theme songs.  It was a better time.  Today, shows don’t focus on the theme song and it’s too bad.  In high school, I had four CD’s that were theme songs from the 50’s-90’s.  We would put them on and everyone would sing along.  It was a lot cooler than it sounds.  That won’t happen with shows today.

Also as I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge fan of cartoons.  Love ’em.  I don’t get the chance to watch them as often as I used to.  My favorite animated show ever (and my favorite show ever) is The Simpsons.  I still watch it every week, even though the best season was season 8.  This is an inarguable fact.  That was 17 seasons ago.  However, I don’t get to watch the two reruns that are on locally every day.  Thanks alot “too inappropriate for a 3 year old.”  The theme song of The Simpsons is not great.  It’s certainly memorable, and I can sing it, but eh.  There are cartoons with better songs.

Growing up, I was in theme song heaven with my cartoons.  I had cartoons that few people had ever heard of like Fantastic Max. Completely underrated.  To the super popular shows like Alvin and the Chipmunks The Gummi Bears, DuckTales and  Muppet Babies.  One of my absolute favorites to this day is Darkwing Duck.  The cartoon itself wasn’t my favorite, but come on, “Let’s get dangerous.”  I could literally go on and on.  Theme songs and cartoon theme songs from my day are one of my favorite things to search on Youtube.

As I got a little older, the shows got a little different, but still had fantastic theme songs.  If you’ve never seen Histeria! you’re really missing out.  It was a cartoon that taught children about history.  As a history major in college, this show was the cats pajamas to say the least.  It sort of had the same vibe as the Animaniacs or Tiny Toon Adventures.  Still great today.

So, since I am so nostalgic for these theme songs, my daughter has decided she loves watching them with me.  Which makes me happy to say the least.  What makes me sad is that cartoons with great theme songs seem to have gone away.  Until recently.  I am hooked on my daughters new show.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  Phil and I have a friend who showed me the theme song for this show called Dinosaur Train.  It’s brilliant.  So brilliant, I don’t even mind listening to it over and over.  And over.  It’s so good.  I can’t even undersell it.  She’s watching it right now as a matter of fact. Which is the point of this post, and why I wanted to talk about it.  The other one that I absolutely have to sing to her when she watches it is Sophia the First.  This is my wifes favorite.  She’s a big fan of me singing “…then I became a princess overnight” while dancing around the family room.

So what did I miss?  If you’re my age, this had to bring you back.  If you’re too young to know what these were, well you got a great history lesson.  Watch them all!  Let me know your favorites!

So I know what you’re thinking.  “Hey, Eric!  It’s Oscars Sunday and you’re blogging about cartoon theme songs?!”  First of all, get your own damn blog.  Second, I couldn’t possibly care less about the stupid f**king Oscars.  If I wanted to watch people who aren’t as important as they think they are talk about themselves for four hours, I’d watch….well, the Oscars.  If I ever spend more than 10 minutes watching an award show, Phil you have my permission to punch me in the neck.  So what did I do this evening, if I didn’t watch the Oscars?  Well, thank you for asking.  I’m happy to pull back the curtain.  Let’s see.  We read books!  Good lord my daughters love reading books.  The same freaking books over and over again.  It’s really cute, but ugh I can’t wait till they learn to read and can read to me.  My daughter did memorize one of her books, and having her read it back to me is really really cute.  And yes, that’s pretty much what we do every day and night.

They have both been sick with full body rashes.  It has been a super fun two weeks!  My youngest caught it just as my oldest was getting over it!  No overlap whatsoever!  We didn’t leave the house for like 9 days.  To say cabin fever set in is an understatement.  And yesterday, we let my oldest watch movies all day while trying to finalize this potty training.  We are almost there, but still seem miles away.  No light at the end of the tunnel.  12 hours of Disney movies with no success.

But seriously Phil, kids are great.  Have lots.



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