The Olympics

I love the Olympics.  Both summer and winter.  In the summer, I focus mostly on the basketball and the swimming.  But to be fair, I watch pretty much any basketball and swimming.  World championships, college, doesn’t matter.  My wife is big into the women’s gymnastics, so I watch some of that.  She did gymnastics until she tore her ACL when she was 15.  I like to assume she was THIS close to Olympic glory.  She reminds me that was not the case.  When the 2016 Summer Olympics go to Rio, I will watch the gymnastics.  My 3 year old daughter was too young when the games were in London.  But now that she is getting pretty good on the balance beam (for a 3 year old), I think she will be really into that event.

As these games came rolling around, I got super excited again.  As with the summer games, only for a few events.  But as it turns out, more than I thought.  I dig skiing, luge, bobsled, hockey…um… moguls (okay well anything to do with skiing)  Not snowboard.  I’ll get to that.  My daughter has fallen in love with figure skating.  She wants to watch it all the time.  In fact, we have played figure skating in our family room.  I toss her around, spin her, hold her above my head.  She does spins and jumps.  It’s really freaking cute.  I have watched more figure skating this year than all the others combined just to watch with her.  Big time loving it.

Yes, Sochi kinda sucks butt.  The weather is way too warm.  Russia is waaaay too homophobic.  They spent 51 BILLION dollars on these games.  There is nothing that Russia has done right, as far as I can tell.  And Johnny Quinn had to break out of his own bathroom:

But it’s still the Olympics, and I still watch.

Back to snowboarding.  If you’re competing in an event that was in the X-Games, it’s not a sport.  Sorry.  Go away.  You’re lame.  I can’t possibly hate you enough.

Plus, when watching the Olympics it gives me the opportunity to watch one of my favorite movies, Miracle.  How good is Miracle?

But my favorite event of these games?  Star Wars moguls.  If more events involved Star Wars, I think the ratings would be higher than the Super Bowl.


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