All Star Saturday Night

Last Saturday, Phil and I went out and played a little golf.  Started out so well.  I lipped out a birdie putt on the 1st.  Ended up with par.  Parred two other holes the rest of the day.  I have no idea how many pars Phil ended up with.  All I know is I won.  Of course I did.  Just like fantasy football, in which I went 2-0 against Phil this season (and am 6-2 all time against him), Phil can’t beat me.  I’m in his head.  What’s that?  What were our final scores?  Well that’s none of your damn business.

That brings me to next weekend.  Every year I throw a party for the NBA’s All-Star Saturday Night.  And Phil is actually going to show up.  So I’m taking all bets!  Phil, you can pick any player in any of the events, and I will still win.

Three point shootout?  You want Steph Curry?  Yeah that’s a good bet.  He’s totally going to win.  I’ll take Kevin Love.  A guy wearing 42?  Duh.

The Skills challenge?  This event totally sucks.  But I still think Dragic wins.  But you can pick whoever you want.  The Greek Freak?  Take him.

Except for the slam dunk contest.  I call dibs on Flight 16.


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