Archer Vice

Just when I think Archer is my favorite show on TV.  They go and so something like this… and make it even more kick ass!!

First of all, I’m sure you’re all wondering where the hell is Eric?  Wasn’t 2014 going to be the year of more blog posts!?  First, yes it was.  And second, back up off me, I’m busy.  There were two things I wanted to do this year.  Blog more, and come hell or high water, get my daughter potty trained.  Guess which of those was the higher priority.  So just when she finally starts getting the hang of it, EVERYONE in the house gets the flu.  So I’ve had a few setbacks.  The good news is, I think I’m back and I’ve got a few things ready to roll.  If I can remember them.  Now where was I?  Oh right.

So I love Archer.  Phil loves Archer.  Both of us base our fantasy football team names off of Archer.  His is The Danger Zone.  Mine changes yearly and is always much more offensive.  I try to find something from the most recent season that makes me laugh.  Come to think of it, a third team in our league also does.  He is codename Dutchess.  Or he was.  This year, I didn’t get his team name.  He’s an idiot.

I had a heard a rumor that the plot of the show was changing.  I was confused.  How do you suddenly change the entire plot of a show after four seasons?  It’s a crazy move that if it works, it’s brilliant.  If it doesn’t, your show jumps the shark.  Which I realize now is a phrase that’s what..almost 50 years old?  Okay I’m never using that again.  How where they going to go from secret agents to drug dealers?  I was skeptical.

So what happened?  SPOILER ALERT: The FBI stormed ISIS headquarters, and said they were rogue!  They arrested the entire office for treason.  After getting out of jail, they reveal they have a ton of coke just lying around.  What is a broke, treasonous secret agency to do when the government has tried to arrest you?  Sell the cocaine of course!

I certainly did not think the show was getting stale.  But I can totally see why the creators and writers would think they had done enough with the secret agent story line.  They had already fought everyone from the KGB, to cyborgs to (as Sterling forgot) space pirates.  What else is there to do?

I don’t know if the drug dealing story line has more than one season to it.  But I’m all in.  I am very interested to see where they go next.  I was reading some sites and apparently I’m in the minority on this.  A lot of people are not fans of breaking away from what worked before.  Well to them I say, why the hell not?  Who doesn’t want to watch a show about people who are kinda like the A-Team, but they sell drugs?

Oh and for those of you who didn’t see the GREATEST season preview ever, it’s below.

Later Taters!


One response to “Archer Vice

  1. First, my fantasy football team name was solely inspired by my love for Kenny Loggins. I celebrate his entire catalog. Ok, just kidding; it’s my love for Archer that inspired the team name. Second, I hadn’t heard about this whole transition in the plot line. Where are your sources sir!? I need to read more about this before I make a snap judgement about the show without ever having seen a single episode.

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