Full House

I’ve mentioned more than a few times that I was a teenager in the 90’s.  Oh what a time to be alive.  Of course, I go back to my old high school every now and then and see the advantages the basketball program has now over what we had, and I feel totally screwed over.  One of the most memorable things about that time was the TV show theme songs.  And of course, who could forget the popular theme song of Full House?

Last night on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon brought back a bunch of memories from my childhood.  It was awesome.  Yes of course it was cheesy and a bit overboard.  But that’s what made it so wonderful.  I would have enjoyed it more had the whole cast been there, but I get it’s only a few minutes.  But come on, who didn’t love Lori Loughlin?  Then or now.

And I’m sorry if you didn’t like Full House.  You’re lame.


WWE Royal Rumble

Yes, I am a fan of professional wrestling.  A huge fan.  As most guys my age, I was big into it when I was young.  Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, and of course, The Ultimate Warrior.  Reminiscing about the guys from the 1980’s always brings a smile to my face.  As I got a little older, I stopped watching.  Of course, just as the Monday Night Wars were getting really big.  Hogan became a bad guy, WCW rose to prominence, and professional wrestling enjoyed a new life with their “Attitude Era.”

I will never forget when I started watching again.  I was in college, and decided to check it out again.  I came across WCW Monday Nitro and a wrestler named Goldberg.  He was in the middle of an undefeated streak, and had an amazing look and entrance.  I still want to get his tattoo, but my arms aren’t nearly big enough.  I’m afraid if I got it actual size, it would stretch from the middle of my chest to the middle of my back.  From there, I found WWE/F and the man who would get me heavy back into wrestling, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.  In fact, the license plate on my car is in honor of Austin.  I got it when I was 20, and I still have it today.  True Story.  I’ve watched wrestling every Monday night since.  Well, to be honest, I DVR it and fast forward through the crap.  I mean, I don’t have 3 hours to sit through it anymore.

Anyway, this past Sunday, WWE put on their annual Royal Rumble.  It’s the first PPV on the road to WrestleMania.  The Super Bowl of wrestling, and happens at the beginning of April.  I love the Rumble.  30 guys all fighting for a spot in the main event of WrestleMania and a shot at the title.  A bunch of old guys come back, they get eliminated quickly, but it’s always fun to see.  There were good and bad parts to this years event.

First of all, Kevin Nash came back.  People hate Kevin Nash.  I do not.   I love “Big Sexy.”  He made no impact, but it was awesome to see.  Even came out to the old NWO entrance music.  Beautiful.  The other part I loved?  NO DANIEL BRYAN!  I think I’m the only person on earth who doesn’t get the appeal of Daniel Bryan.  I’ve watched him wrestle, I’ve seen his promos…I just don’t get it.  Why do people love him so much?  The crowd (along with everyone on Twitter) booed the shit out of the event once it was apparent Bryan was not going to enter.  I couldn’t have been happier.  He’s a mid-card wrestler, who belongs right where he is.  When (not if.  Clearly when) he wins the championship belt, I will follow along online until he’s defeated.  He’s on TV too much as it is.  And crazy insufferable.

The part that sucked was who won.  Batista, after a four year hiatus won the event.  He’s been back for a week.  CM Punk should have won.  And now, because he didn’t, Punk has taken his ball and gone home.  The self proclaimed (and correct by the way) Best in the World, quit WWE last night.  Is it all part of the plan?  I don’t think so.  He doesn’t need the money, he doesn’t need the fame.  Doesn’t need to keep wrestling.  Just like that, there’s no more CM Punk.  Thanks a lot WWE.  No matter who you root for, Punk or Bryan or both, you’ve pretty much screwed over every single one of your fans.  I guess I’ll keep watching.  But it seems every week there is less and less reason to.  Will they miss me?  Of course not.  I’m no longer in the demographic they care about.  But as WrestleMania gets closer and closer, I am less and less excited.  And don’t even get me started on what a waste of time the Undertaker and his streak is.  Seriously, who gives a shit anymore?

Archer Vice

Just when I think Archer is my favorite show on TV.  They go and so something like this… and make it even more kick ass!!

First of all, I’m sure you’re all wondering where the hell is Eric?  Wasn’t 2014 going to be the year of more blog posts!?  First, yes it was.  And second, back up off me, I’m busy.  There were two things I wanted to do this year.  Blog more, and come hell or high water, get my daughter potty trained.  Guess which of those was the higher priority.  So just when she finally starts getting the hang of it, EVERYONE in the house gets the flu.  So I’ve had a few setbacks.  The good news is, I think I’m back and I’ve got a few things ready to roll.  If I can remember them.  Now where was I?  Oh right.

So I love Archer.  Phil loves Archer.  Both of us base our fantasy football team names off of Archer.  His is The Danger Zone.  Mine changes yearly and is always much more offensive.  I try to find something from the most recent season that makes me laugh.  Come to think of it, a third team in our league also does.  He is codename Dutchess.  Or he was.  This year, I didn’t get his team name.  He’s an idiot.

I had a heard a rumor that the plot of the show was changing.  I was confused.  How do you suddenly change the entire plot of a show after four seasons?  It’s a crazy move that if it works, it’s brilliant.  If it doesn’t, your show jumps the shark.  Which I realize now is a phrase that’s what..almost 50 years old?  Okay I’m never using that again.  How where they going to go from secret agents to drug dealers?  I was skeptical.

So what happened?  SPOILER ALERT: The FBI stormed ISIS headquarters, and said they were rogue!  They arrested the entire office for treason.  After getting out of jail, they reveal they have a ton of coke just lying around.  What is a broke, treasonous secret agency to do when the government has tried to arrest you?  Sell the cocaine of course!

I certainly did not think the show was getting stale.  But I can totally see why the creators and writers would think they had done enough with the secret agent story line.  They had already fought everyone from the KGB, to cyborgs to (as Sterling forgot) space pirates.  What else is there to do?

I don’t know if the drug dealing story line has more than one season to it.  But I’m all in.  I am very interested to see where they go next.  I was reading some sites and apparently I’m in the minority on this.  A lot of people are not fans of breaking away from what worked before.  Well to them I say, why the hell not?  Who doesn’t want to watch a show about people who are kinda like the A-Team, but they sell drugs?

Oh and for those of you who didn’t see the GREATEST season preview ever, it’s below.

Later Taters!