Saturday Night Live

I love Saturday Night Live.  I am so glad that DVR’s were invented because I don’t wanna stay up and watch the whole thing anymore.  I like being able to fast forward through the garbage sketches (most of them) and the musical guests I hate (also most of them).  Last night was the last show of 2013. Thankfully, it was NOT the last show for Seth Meyers.  See?

But the year end show certainly did go out with a bang.

The show was hosted by Jimmy Fallon with musical guest Justin Timberlake. I have decided that JT is my favorite SNL host of recent memory. Maybe ever. No, he wasn’t the host and I know, I know, over 35 years and I pick JT as the best host ever? He wasn’t even the host for my favorite episode ever.  Honestly, I remember nothing about that episode anymore.  I was on a fraternity trip that weekend up at Lake Tahoe.  But Chris Farley host, Mighty Mighty Bosstones musical guest = best episode ever.

As a teenager in the 90s I’m very partial to the cast of that time period. The Schmitt’s Gay beer commercial is still one of my favorites. But what Timberlake does with The Lonely Island was as unforgettable as anything SNL has ever done.

Mostly this season has been, in my opinion, a train wreck.  Which is too bad because I really like a lot of the cast members.  Vanessa Bayer and Kate McKinnon are great.  I am quickly falling in love with Cecily Strong.  She was a great choice to take over the Weekend Update chair.

Speaking of Weekend Update, Bobby Moynihan‘s Drunk Uncle is fantastic.  Taran Killam‘s Jebidiah Atkinson is amazing.  The problem is, Weekend Update is always the best part of SNL.  Neither of these characters showed up this week, but it didn’t matter.  This episode was strong.

Putting Fallon and JT together to end the year was genius. Yes, they didn’t break much new ground. Old favorites like the Barry Gibb talk show were brought out, but around the holidays what’s better than old friends stopping by?  JT as Jimmy on Celebrity Family Feud?  Yes please!

The digital short that they did had nothing to do with Justin and it was amazing.  I made a couple of my friends watch it earlier today.  Now I’m making everyone else watch it.  Well done, ladies.  Well done.


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