Fantasy Football

So Phil and I have talked a little about our league this year.  Not much since the draft.  Just a lot about how Phil hates Tom Brady.  Totally rational hate.  I hate Brady as well.  I’m a Raider fan.  The Tuck Rule game will haunt me till the day I die.

Well, our regular season is over, and Phil…didn’t do so well.  Ended up with the 2nd worst record in the league at 5-9.  However, he was the 4th highest scoring team in a 12 team league.  So that’s not bad.  He got screwed by the schedule.  He was also the 4th highest score against.  He will be set up nicely for next year if he does what I say with his keepers.  I beat him both times we played this year.  Which gives me the edge 6-2 all time.  Yeah we keep stats in our league.  Every stat you can think of.

Today was week 1 of our playoffs.  I made the playoffs at 9-5.  The 2nd seed.  The 1st seed ended up 12-1-1.  He was the highest scoring team in our leagues history.  I went up against the 3rd highest scoring team in league history.  Very daunting.  The only reason I made the playoffs is because I had the lowest score against.  Thank you schedule maker!  (That’s our friend Ryan).

As of right now, im down 114.8-105.5.  I have my favorite player, Matt Stafford going tomorrow night.  He has been on my team 3 straight years, and spoiler alert, I’m keeping him next year.  Based on our scoring, I need 130 yards passing and a touchdown for the win.  Should be okay.  But I’m not getting excited till I see it.  Stranger things have happened.  Keep your fingers crossed.


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