Wonder Woman

I am a total fanboy.  Well, with certain things.  Star Wars?  You betcha.  Superhero movies?  Check!  Especially DC movies.  Marvel is hit or miss.  Obviously I loved The Avengers.  But I’ve never seen an X-Men movie.  Or anything related to the X-Men, so no Wolverine movies.  Television shows?  Yeah, Arrow is amazing.  But, Green Arrow is my favorite superhero period.  The only actual comic books I own are Green Arrow, so I’m a bit biased.  However, I am NOT one of these crazy fanboys who goes apes**t over casting and screams from the rooftops about how awful a movie is going to be based on who is playing which character.  Unless of course, it’s Ben Affleck as Batman.  That’s going to be AMAZING!!!!  I love me some Affleck.

So to add to that, today it was announced that in the Batman Vs. Superman movie (or whatever they’re going to call it), Wonder Woman has been cast!!  I’ll be honest, I had no idea who Gal Gadot was.  Turns out she’s been in a few Fast and Furious movies.  Which is odd because I’ve seen them.  I still didn’t recognize her name.  My bad, Gal.  Comments on different sites have varied.  Some are thrilled, some are, as they were with Affleck, pissed.  I fall somewhere in between.

On the one hand, she is very beautiful and has the classic look of Diana Prince.  On the other hand, she’s only 5’9″.  Now, obviously there are ways around that.  I mean, Tom Cruise is only 3′ tall.  But Wonder Woman is an Amazon.  She’s not supposed to be average height.   Still though, I think it’s going to take a lot of working out and bulking up to fill out bullet proof bracelets.

I don’t know that there was an actress out there who would have excited me had they been cast.  Wonder Woman is a character that is hard to portray.  Especially since she was so perfectly done by Linda Carter in the 1970s.  I am keeping an open mind, and will obviously see the movie.  I am more excited than I was after Man of Steel.  Which blew.

I am curious to see how Zack Snyder handles all these superheros in the film.  I wasn’t anticipating it being a full Justice League movie.  Does she have a small part that leads into Justice League?  Or her own movie?  I am hooked.  Damn it, they got me.  The DC trifecta in one film.  I was not excited about Warner Brothers jumping the gun on an ensemble movie.  But I will be there opening night.  Ugh.  I am such a sucker!!

There are a number of fan made videos on Youtube.  I’ve included one I like made by Rainfall Films below.  It has nothing to do with the movie, or Gal.  It was just something I came across that I was fond of.  When done correctly, Wonder Woman is a fantastic character.  When done poorly, well, its the 2011 pilot that NBC turned down.



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